Argungu Fishing Festival

Argungu Fishing Festival is an international attraction in and outside Nigeria.

Argungu fishing festival in Kebbi State

Every year, people from around the world converge in Argungu village in Kebbi State to enjoy not only the friendly atmosphere of entertainment and fishing competition at the tourist resort, but also to meet and mix with people of different nationalities in a spirit that transcends artificial barriers.

Fish Catch at Argungu Fishing Festival


The festival, a leading tourist attraction in Kebbi State, started in August 1934 when the late Sultan of Sokoto, Mallam Hassan Dan Mu’azu, made his first historic visit to Argungu. In appreciation of his visit, a fishing festival was organised and since then, it has become a yearly event, held between February and March.

People are attracted to the festival because of its cultural displays such as local boxing and wrestling, cultural dances, local swimming competitions among others.

The fishing festival have for many years been held at the same site at the northern end of the town where the river sweeps through large rice fields that are usually flooded during the rainy season. It is there that fishermen numbering between 2,500 to 3,000 and equipped with hand-nets with hooks at both ends, and a large round gourd with a small opening at the top, assemble in the morning for the festival. They form a line more than two kilometres long.

The most thrilling moment of the show is when the signal is given for fishing to start and the fishermen go into the river amidst music and songs. Once the fishing is over, fishermen are forbidden from fishing on the spot again until the next fishing festival.

Amenities available at the festival site include accommodation of international standard, markets for the local food sellers, snack bars, banking and postal facilities.