Chef Victor Tartenger: 20 things to know about him and his Guinness World Record cooking marathon

  1. His real name is Tartenger Victor Avalumun He is a young Nigerian chef from Konshisha LGA in Benue State. He owes a food brand in Asaba, Delta State called “Naira Victor Kitchen”

2.He cooked for 6 days non-stop.

3.He must stood to cook. Not permitted to sit while cooking.

4.Not allowed to take coffee, stimulants, or any energy drink to artificially boost his energy and bodily strength while cooking.

5.Allowed to eat food, drink water or fruit juice, and take glucose.

  1. The cooking took place at Tiger bar by B division, Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria.
  2. He cooked round the clock, no sleep (Morning, afternoon, evening, and night. So, for 6 nights)
  3. He had just 5 minutes rest per hour [meaning for every 1 hour, he is entitled to just 5 minutes rest or break, that’s an hour break in every 12 hours].
    Other sources claim

He has a 30-minute break every 6 hours, he spends the 30mins in a medical van which most be just close by, within which he can use the restroom, and also get a medical assessment or checkup by the medical team available on the spot.

  1. Whatever he cooked was shared to the people at the venue for FREE. He was not selling the food.
  2. He cooked different meals simultaneously. He was at liberty to cook any meal he likes. There were no restrictions as to what he can cook or not cook. The World Record title is about cooking within a time frame, not about what is cooked. As long as He is cooking, he is on track.
  3. Every meal cooked and every plate served is recorded. he has plan to cook over 230 meals with almost 9,000 portions or even more
  4. He started the cooking on Tuesday 27th February 2024 By 12:00AM and expected to complete the target time frame by Sunday 3rd march 2024 Afternoon
  5. The current holder of the title Victor seeks to break is an Irish chef from Japan who set a Guinness World Record for cooking for 119 hours and 57 minutes non-stop in September 2023
  6. To break the record, Chef Victor is cooked for 135 hours, using extra 14 hours to break the world record as the first human on earth to spend such an amount of time cooking a marathon.
  7. He tagged the cooking project “Cook-a-thon”, a phrase literally coined from the word “marathon”

16.When he appeared exhausted the people around him would be cheering him on to boost his morale. And they will be available with him as he cook always, even at night.

  1. Most of the food items, ingredients, utensils, etc he used for the project were provided by his sponsors.
  2. FJ transport is one of his partners, They are offered a 40% discounted ride to the venue for people who wished to join and cheer him up at the venue.
  3. Naira victor’s family and friends were also around to cheer him up.
  4. He is 30 years of age as of 2024.
Chef Victor cooking during the marathon, in Makurdi, Benue State
Gov Alia congratulates chef Tartenger