Ikirun is situated within the tropical zone with latitude 07°55′North and longitude 04°41′E of the Greenwich Meridian. It has boundaries on the North by Inisha, on the South by Osogbo, on the West by Iragbiji and on the East by Eko-Ende. The town is surrounded by hills of Oke Afo, Oke Iba and Oke Amola.

Ikirun is a gateway to the northern part of the country and is also strategic because of the railway station present in the town. The indigenes are predominantly farmers cultivating crops within and outside the town. Trading activities is prevalent in the town thus making it commercially viable.

Administratively, Ikirun is the headquarters of Ifelodun Local Govt and the population is 96,748 according to the 2006 Population Census.

The Akinrun of Ikirun is the traditional ruler and Chairman Council of Obas in Ifelodun Local Government Area of the State. Places of importance in Ikirun includes: Federal Government College, Unity School, Igbo Irele, Basetan Cave and River Eko Ende. The town is also blessed with Rivers Osere, Ontoki, Ponjo and Amo.