IPPIS (Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System) is a unit in the office of the Accountant General of the Federation that takes care of salary payments and related issues.

WACS (Workers Aggregated Credit Scheme) is a service from IPPIS that manages loan deductions made on salaries.

If a staff takes a loan from a bank or other organisations connected to IPPIS then the deductions will presented on the staff’s payslip as WACS-Bank ABC or WACS-Bank XYZ.

IPPIS payslip

An IPPIS payslip is a monthly generated document for every federal government staff on the IPPIS platform.

It is generated after calculations of salary figures. It’s made available usually after payment is made.

More on IPPIS

List of what IPPIS does

  • Management of FGN employees records
  • Payment of salary and wages to FGN employees
  • Deductions of taxes and other third payments
  • Remittance of payroll deductions to third party
  • Enrolment of employees into IPPIS database

The system (IPPIS) performs gross-to-net calculations, including computation of the tax deductions, union dues, PFA among others.

IPPIS staff at an enrollment task at the presidential villa in Abuja

The Director of IPPIS (the head) is responsible for the overall management of the department, reporting to the Accountant-General of the Federation.

IPPIS is under the Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation responsible for payment of salaries and wages directly to Government employee’s bank account with appropriate deductions and remittances of 3rd party payments such as; Federal Inland Revenue Service, State Boards of Internal Revenue, National Health Insurance Scheme, National Housing Fund, Pension Fund Administrator, Cooperative Societies, Trade Unions Dues, Association Dues and Bank Loans.

IPPIS carries out its functions in collaboration with; the Federal Ministry of Finance, Office of the Head of Service, Civil Service Commission, Office of the Auditor General of the Federation and MDAs that are enrolled on IPPIS.

The department have saved the Federal Government of Nigeria billions of Naira by eliminating thousands of ghost workers.

There are 696 MDAS on IPPIS Platform as at June, 2020. The department is responsible for processing and payment of salary to over One million (1,139,633) Federal Government Employees across the 696 MDAs. IPPIS aim is to enrol into the platform, all Federal Government MDAs that draws personnel cost fund from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.


IPPIS was designed to achieve the following objectives:

(1) Facilitate human resources planning by providing information for decision making;
(2) Provide a platform for accurate budgeting and annual recurrent expenditure on staff emoluments;
(3) Monitor monthly payment of staff emoluments against FGN’s annual budget to ensure minimal wastage and leakage
(4) Eliminate payroll fraud such as multiple payment of emoluments to single employee or payment of monthly salary to
a non-existent employee;
(5) Facilitate easy storage, updating, and retrieval of personnel records;
(6) Ensure database integrity so that once entered cannot be manipulated by unauthorised users; and
(7) Enhance confidence in the process of determining staff emolument cost.

Office address

Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation
Treasury House, Ladoke Akintola Boulevard
Garki 11, Abuja

• +234 908 700 573 5
• support.ippis.gov.ng
• www.ippis.gov.ng

Units & functions

IPPIS, a Department, comprises of four (4) units working together to ensure IPPIS objectives are met.

The duties and functions of ICT unit include among others are:

  • IPPIS Application Management
  • Hardware Infrastructure Maintenance;
  • Connectivity management to IPPIS Data centres;
  • System installation and configuration; and
  • Payroll run, correction and other related technical matters.

The duties and functions of administrative unit include but are not limited to the following:

  • managing all correspondences
  • Coordinating enrolment of new staff and or MDAs into IPPIS
  • Preparation of briefs, IPPIS budget and other repost;
  • Manages IPPIS reference registry where all mails are dispatched / failed;
  • coordinates staff welfare and training;
  • coordinates verification exercises;
  • Relations with MDAs
  • Office maintenance; and
  • Purchases / stores etc.

The duties and functions of audit monitoring unit are:

  • auditing/investigation of IPPIS transactions on the application
  • Reconciliation of budget payment;
  • Monthly payout report; and
  • Arrears verification & compilation

The duties and functions of third party & other payment unit include the following:

  • Manages payment of pension matters, PAYE and unions/ cooperatives deductions;
  • Pre and post payment processing;
  • Processing of arrears repayment; and
  • Liaison with CBN, NIBSS & Funds Dept.

Reference: ippis.gov.ng/what-is-3/