There has been an increase in interest on the topic of kayan mata.

A direct translation of  Kayan Mata from Hausa language is “property of women” or “women things”.

The popularity of kayan mata has exploded, it has become a booming and thriving industry with producers/manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers, promoters and what have you. Let us look at it.

Kayan mata in culture and history

Kayan mata, or the concept of kayan Mata has been in existence for a long time, it is a part of the culture of the northern people of Nigeria and finds its chief use in the preparation of brides for their marital sexual life using various traditional products and also using these products to keep marital intimacy interesting and exciting. Simply put, Kayan mata is a range of traditional aphrodisiacs.

 Kayan mata can be classified into different groups, the ones that are ingested such as goron tula, honey, dates, pineapples, tiger nuts, coconut and spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, maca root etc. these ingredients separately or in mixtures can be combined to produce juices, syrups, pastes, teas and powders to be consumed as prescribed to get certain results.

Goron tula fruits
Extract from Coconut, Dates and tigernuts.

Then there is the group that is applied unto the body in form of creams, perfumes, oils, body scrubs, scented smoke, skin treatments and what have you, basically like a local spa.

Perfumes and oils
Turaren Huta

And then again, there is the group that it inserted into the vagina for tightening, cleansing or whatever purpose it may be intended, for example Madura sticks. The overall goal of Kayan mata is to enhance the sexual life of women, by helping them get aroused more quickly, increase wetness and improve their sex drive.

Kayan mata on social media

Kayan mata has in recent times enjoyed social media popularity. It particularly shot into limelight when celebrity Jaruma of Jaaruma Empire limited, an entrepreneur and Nigerian sex therapist started selling the products online; it led to a direct increase in the price of goron tula which is the major ingredient of the aphrodisiac products. It also gained more popularity when Jaruma was patronized by celebrity nollywood actress and billionaire wife Regina Daniels.

Regina Daniels

 As a result of this and others, Kayan mata was popular for its proclaimed efficacy and was highly demanded therefore carving an economic niche for business people. There were people giving testimonies on how effective it was and how it improved their sex lives and bonded them closer to their partners, in some cases, it was even men giving the testimonies of better sex. After the rush, came the speculations and accusations, as there were stories of Kayan Mata being diabolic and being used to wreck marriages and capture the hearts of men from their spouses. There are also stories from people who did not notices any changes or marked improvements after using these products and such people accused the whole venture of being a hoax. Still, if you go on the internet today, there are vendors still digging it out in the Kayan Mata market niche.

Kayan mata in science

Scientifically, there has been no study to prove the efficacy of Kayan Mata and medical practitioners advice against the reckless use of herbal products with no medical laboratory testing or dosage of administration. The positive reviews could be a result of the placebo effect; the placebo effect is when a person’s physical or mental health appears to improve after taking a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment. Placebo is Latin for ‘I will please’ and refers to a treatment that appears real, but is designed to have no therapeutic benefit. So the consumers of Kayan mata may be experiencing this phenomenon, so it may all be in the head or mind rather.

Also, it is pertinent to note that most of the ingredients of kayan mata products are antioxidant in nature, which can result in their secretions from the body when consumed continuously. This can result in flavorful sweats, urines and vaginal secretions which may be picked up during sexual intercourse and may have a psychological impression on sexual partners.  But as a whole, science does not recognize kayan Mata as an aphrodisiac or anything else other than herbal concoctions that should not be carelessly indulged in. Simply put, Kayan Mata has no scientific backing.

Kayan mata, truth or hoax?

From the foregoing, it is the prerogative of the reader to draw their conclusions on the subject of Kayan Mata, to decide for themselves if it really works.

The goron tula (African snot apple) grows wild in tula, a location in Gombe state of Northern Nigeria, the Tula natives have always had the goron tula amongst them, they ate it growing up, never really seeing anything special about it. Among them, the goron tula is said to boost fertility but on the social media world, it has become famous for doing a lot of wonders, from intense vaginal lubrication, to vaginal tightening, as patrons are advised to burn the chaff and smoke their vaginas over it. It has also been sung to have varieties of healthy benefits, from curing STIs and STDs to regulation blood sugar and blood pressure. When something becomes a remedy to cure all ills then it becomes questionable, as its glories could just be ploys by desperate vendors to sell these products.