Afikpo, also known as Ehugbo, is the second largest town in Ebonyi state after Abakaliki, the state capital.

It’s also the headquarters of Afikpo North Local Government Area.

It is situated in the southern part of Ebonyi State.

Afikpo is located on 6 degrees north latitude and 8 degrees east longitude. Afikpo is a hilly area despite occupying a region low in altitude, which rises 350 feet (110 m) above sea level.

A river bay at Afikpo

It is a transitional area between open grassland and tropical forest and has an average annual rainfall of 79 inches (2,000 mm).

Land area
Afikpo spans an area approximately 164 km2 (63 sq mi).

It is bordered to the north by the town of Akpoha, to the south by Unwana, to the south west by Edda LGA, to the east by the Cross River State and to the west by Amasiri town.

Earlier inhabitants
Afikpo was earlier inhabited by three tribes:
and Ebri.

The largest in population was Egu followed by Nkalu. The Ebri were smaller in number.

22 villages of various sizes make up Afikpo.

These include Ozizza, Ohaisu, Nkpoghoro, Itim among others.

The old Afikpo Province once covered areas in Unwana, Edda, Amaseri, and Akpoha.

Following the creation of more local governments in Ebonyi State, the administrative boundaries of the old Afikpo Province was redrawn and its geographic size reduced.

Afikpo is the birthplace of several accomplished Nigerian men and women. A notable example is the late Dr. Akanu Ibiam of Uwana, one of the first Igbo medical doctors and former Governor of the Eastern Region.

Afikpo is a tourist center of ancient Igbo tradition and ceremonial (now antique) masks which have been carefully preserved by the state tourism board.

Several archeological findings support the claim that Afikpo civilization existed as far back as the Neolithic age.

Comprising mainly farmers and traders, Afikpo is considered a major producer of agricultural products in Nigeria. These include yam, palm produce, maize, groundnut, plantain, banana, cassava, fruits and vegetables.

The Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Uwana is located in Afikpo.

So is the Mater Misericordia Specialist Hospital.

Mater Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing and Midwifery was one of the first nursing schools established in Nigeria by Irish missionaries and Dr. Akanu Ibiam.