What is Soluap

‘Solu’ ‘ap’, short for Solution applications, incorporated as Soluap Technologies Ltd, is a service that provides information for knowledge, develops websites & software.

It also makes, distributes & takes care of other technology products and services

How does Soluap work

Soluap provides information for knowledge, web based and native applications, enterprise software and more.

You choose what you want, provide relevant information as required. Having known what you want Soluap mobilises resources to serve you.

How long does it take before I get my website or software

5 to 20 days. It takes longer time for larger ones.

Will Soluap refund the money I paid in case I’m no longer interested

Yes. Soluap gives 12 months money back guarantee so you’re entitled to a hassle-free refund when you’re no longer interested.