Birnin Tudu

Birnin Tudu is an area in Gummi local government area of Zamfara state.

Birnin Tudu is said to have been founded by a group of Zamfara hunters (who came in 1524) from Tunfaf village in present day Talata Mafara local government area in Zamfara state.

Some of the paramount leaders of the group were Dankofo, Dansumba and Bamurna.

The name of Birnin Tudu was derived from the location of the area, because it’s situated in the higher land, which in Hausa language is regard to as “Tudu”

Distance from Gummi town
Birnin Tudu is about 21 kilometers away from Gummi town, its local government capital.

Most populated community
As at 2022 Birnin Tudu was Gummi LGA”s most populated community in with over 20,000 members.

It is bordered in the east by Zauma, in the South by Daki-Takwas, in the North by Birnin Magaji, while it share border in the West with Iyaka. Birin Tudu is headed by a village head with the title of “Sarkin Zauma”

Gummi is surrounded by a number of settlements that included Daki-Takwas, Kwamma, Nasarawa Kifi, Falale, Birnin Magaji, Iyaka, kaiwa and Zauma all in the Gummi local government, with the exception Zauma which is in Bukkyyum local government of Zamfara state.

A visual observation of the settlement will reveal series of houses built with different type of materials. The predominant building type the mud building along traditional line.

Other forms of building include those of cement blocks, rooted with corrugated iron; also some houses are made up with either clay or sticks.

Birnin Tudu comprises both farmers and herders, other economic activities that are practiced in the area also included black smiting, bricklaying, barbing and leather work.

The main economic activity of women of the Birnin Tudu include weaving (Saka) and spinning (Zare)