Farin-Ruwa Dam

The Farin-Ruwa Multipurpose Dam Project (FRMDP) is located in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State near its border with Plateau State.

Part of the dam catchment area falls inside Plateau State. The project is about 20km on an Asphaltic Road from Sisimbaki town. The dam is an Earth Filled Dam with free overflow ungated spillway discharging into a plunge pool.

The project was conceptualized in 2001 with the intention of providing about 20mw of power to Nasarawa State.

The dam, which has a capacity of 73 million cubic meters, will serve no fewer than 10 communities in the state.

The flag-off of the completion of construction of Farin Ruwa Multipurpose Dam

was held on 12th June, 2021 in Wumba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

The project was originally initiated by the Nasarawa State, but it suffered setback due to lack of funds. The Nasarawa State Government solicited the intervention of the of the Federal Government to take it over. This was considered and approval for the take over and completion of the project was given on 19th October, 2018. The approval included the proposal to expand the project to include a Regional Water Scheme and Construction of Irrigation Infrastructure of about 2000ha to serve the people of the area.

Features of Farin-Ruwa Dam

Type of Embankment

Earth Fill Dam

Reservoir Capacity

73million m3

Reservoir Area


Dam Crest Length


Dam Embankment Height


Access Road



Ungated ogee type

Power House Turbines

2X2MW & 2X8MW

The Federal Ministry of Water Resources intends to execute the other aspect of

the project upon the successful intervention it is currently carrying on the dam and access road. These deferred aspects include the Hydro-Electric Power System,

Water Supply and Irrigation & Drainage Schemes. These components include the

completion of the following;

➢ The completion of the power house civil works according to the original

designs already prepared by the original contractor;

➢ Construction of a standard switchyard to handle 20MW of generated


➢ Complete installation, testing and commissioning of 2x2MW horizontal axis

Francis turbines and generators and 2x8MW vertical axis Francis turbines

and their generators;

➢ The tailrace for the evacuation of water used for generation and diverted

back into the main channel of the Farin-Ruwa River.

Farin Ruwa Falls

Farin Ruwa Falls is a waterfall found in the central region of Nigeria. It is among the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is significant among Africa’s falls when the total height covered by the waterfall is considered.

The source of Farin Ruwa falls is found on the Nasarawa State, from whence it gushes down over the edge of the Nasarawa. During its descent from the Jos Plateau, the water drops a total height of about 150 metres (492 ft). This drop is higher compared to the more popular Victoria Falls, which drops a height of around 108 metres (354 ft)

The waterfall is geographically situated in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa State – just between the boundary of Bokkos and Wamba local council areas of Plateau and Nasarawa States respectively.