Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu

The Holy Ghost Cathedral is a popular Catholic worship centre in Enugu.

The magnificent Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu
Inside the Holy Ghost Cathedral
A serene environments at Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu
Worshippers at the cathedral
Map of Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu
A road near the cathedral

It is located along Market Road, Enugu City

Holy Ghost Cathedral
(Ogbete) Market Road, Enugu City, Enugu State, Nigeria

The Holy Ghost Cathedral is near:

  • Ogbete main market
  • Old park market
  • Ogui Road

Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu is the head zone for all the Catholic Churches in Enugu.

Front entrance of Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu at night
Left sideview of the cathedral
Right sideview of the cathedral
A flamboyant facility at the cathedral

The cathedral remains one of the most iconic pieces of church architecture in Nigeria.

It was initially dedicated in 1955 by Bishop Charles Heerey and was rededicated in 2012 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Diocese of Enugu, after renovations.

During renovations much of the original design was retained.

It’s an enormous worship centre with a school, health facility, an orphanage home, bookshop and a hotel.

It also comprises a restaurant, and events hall.

The best and biggest bookstore in Enugu (St. Paul’s Bookstore) is located in the cathedral compound.

Besides the cathedral is a hospital, Mother of Christ Hospital

The hotel is actually a special guest house known as Domus Guest House. It is meant for visiting priests and reverend sisters and any other church member who wishes to stay.

Events hall
The events hall is for conferences, seminars and wedding ceremonies.