How Nigeria got its name

Who Named Nigeria & In What Year?

The name “Nigeria” was given to the country by a British journalist and Times editor named Mrs. Flora Shaw on January 8, 1897.

Flora Shaw - Lady Who Named Nigeria
Flora Shaw

Mrs. Flora Shaw later got married to the then administrative head and the first Governor-general of the country (1914–1919), Lord Fredrick Lugard.

Frederick John Dealtry Lugard was a British soldier, mercenary, explorer of Africa, and colonial administrator. Before becoming the Governor-general of Nigeria, he was the Governor-general of Hong-kong and the last governor of both the Northern and Southern protectorates.

Flora Shaw was one of the notable journalists who fought for the freedom of slaves in Nigeria and Africa as a continent through some of her publications as a journalist. Lady Lugard(as she was fondly referred to) died on the 25th of January 1929, after falling ill with pneumonia.

What Does Nigeria Mean?

The name “Nigeria“, was gotten from the combination of “Niger” and “Area“.

Niger was gotten from the name of the longest river in Nigeria – River Niger and the “Area” was the environment and people who live in the country where the river Niger is located in.

Nigeria was formed by the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates and had no formal name before it was eventually named by Lady Luguard.