How we started Soluap

The plan to form Soluap had been there for sometime on Shima’s mind but got bolder when he was secretary of a committee set to honour a prominent member of their community and decided to quickly and easily make a website for the person.

Shima was surprised to discover that no service was available for what he actually wanted: A platform where he can participate in the development of the website, pay little or nothing and the website will be up and running, coded from scratch or fully customized.

He founded Soluap to do just that: Create for anyone a website, app, retail store page and related services to their taste for free or at a fee.

As a result of his interest in computers, his teacher, sometimes when going somewhere, would give to him the door key of the computer room for him to train other students.

He decided to go into app development since 1998, the year he started working on computers.

His intention from 1998 was to develop a better app that offers users more value than Yahoo and Netscape, two prominent internet services then.

In 2017 he founded Convafresh, a location based discussion platform.

In 2018 he started working on Soluap. In May 2022 Soluap Technologies Ltd was registered. In August 2022 Soluap went online.

Soluap offers users more value and aims to take provision of website, app and related services to another level for the benefit of all.