How Etulo started

The origin of Etulo people is traced to a man called Ibagye. Etulo are said to be the children of Ibagye, their progenitor, to whom they also trace their descent. Their mother was Ato.

Map of Etulo in Buruku and Katsina-Ala LGAs, Benue State

Itsikpe who was one of the many children of Ibagye was known as the leader of his people. Itsikpe became the father of three sons, namely: Okakwu, Ozi and Okwe. Each became the leader of his people. The three sons established a royal family named after them to rule the Etulo people

Etulo belongs to the Niger Congo group of ethnic groups

They migrated, alongside Jukun people, to their present location in Benue and Taraba states

In Benue state Etulo exists in Buruku and Kastina Ala Local Government Areas.