Adi, Etulo

Adi is the capital of Etulo people. A rice, fish and palm wine trading hub in Etulo council ward of Buruku LGA, Benue state, Nigeria

Located along Gboko-Katina Ala road, Adi is home to important Etulo institutions.

They include: NKST Church, Iordye.
Atta Secondary School, Adi.
Etulo Community Secondary School, Adi.

Some facilities at NKST Church, Iordye
NKST Church, Iordye

The town has a weekly market, the Adi market.

Etulo, the major inhabitants, do rice farming in large scale making Adi a a rice friendly market.

Post Office, Adi
Post Office, Adi

Large marshy lands near Adi and River Katsina Ala makes rice cultivation attractive.

Atta Secondary School, Adi
Government Secondary School, Adi
Government Secondary School, Adi

Etulo people were mostly fishermen but things have changed and many are into other ventures like farming, office work, trading among others.

Adi is accessible from several Etulo places like:
Otse Etulo palace,
Sinafi Mode,
Ilim market,
Mandela market,
Community Secondary School, Ogurube,
UBE JSS School, Ogurube

Adi, like other parts of Etulo, is ubder the administration of Etulo’s topmost leader known as Otse Etulo.

HRH Otse Douglas Yobe Agishi became the 16th Otse Etulo following the death of his predecessor Ugye Idoko Ambiwa.

Agishi was chosen after 13 years of Ugye”s death in 2008.

After 13Years of waiting, the Good People of Etulo Kingdom have reasons to celebrate again. They now have a New King and successor of Ugye Idoko Ambiwa who died 13 years ago( 10 July, 2008). He is HRH. Douglas Yobe Agishi the 16th Otse_Etulo .

Adi central area
Part of Adi central area
Adi – Abakwa Road

Some Etulo’s prominent sons and daughters include:
Prof Agishi, a university don
Kuku, a businessman
Atini, a former permanent secretary
Dr. Victoria Daaor
Dr. Helen Teghtegh
Barr. Thomas Ese
among others