NKST President. Rev DZ Anza

NKST Church got new leadership in November 2017.

NKST President is Rev Dr DZ Anza

NKST Secretary is Rev. E.M Shir

NKST President: Rev Dr D.Z Anza
NKST Secretary is Rev. E.M Shir

During the Synod meeting of November 2017, the NKST conducted elections with the following as the new leadership known as Committee of Synod:

President: Rev. D.Z. Anza (Immediate past: Rev. Hon. Dr. Ayohol Ate)

Vice President: Rev. N.A. Adure (Immediate past: Rev. D.Z. Anza)

General Secretary: Rev. E.M. Shir (Immediate past: Rev. P.G. Azuana)

Assistant General Secretary: Rev T. A. Targba (Immediate past: Rev. E.M.Shir)

Member 1: Rev L. Vavem (Immediate past: Rev. Dr. J.A. Ukpe)

Member 2: Rev M.A. Abudar (Immediate past: Rev. K.Nyam)

Member 3: Rev. M.J. Girgir (Immediate past: Rev. N.A.Adure) ①

There was another election into the office of the Director of Sunday School also known as Makeranta u Iyange i Memen (MIM).

The New Director is Rev. Kar Fefa (Immediate past: Rev P. V. Atsua) ②

① ② site.nkstonline.org