Tyowanye is a town in Shorov council ward of Buruku LGA of Benue state, Nigeria. It’s located along Gboko-Katina road.

Initially it was more of a weekly market. It later grew to become a town however part of it still serves the purpose of market.

TTyowanye town

Tyowanye is the largest market and town in Buruku LGA.

How Tyowanye started
The town started from the trading activities of someone called Tyowanye. He used to do retail under a tree. Gradually others joined and the place expanded as a market and later a town.

The grave of Mr Tyowanye is located at the central area of the market.

Tyowanye town’s growth is largely as a result of the strategic location where it’s found. It’s located along Gboko-Katina Ala road and in between key clans in the local government area like Kusuv and Mbagen.

Gboko-Katina Ala road passes through Tyowanye

NKST Tyowanye
The town has a large capacity church that belongs to NKST, a reformation, protestant denomination.

NNKST Church, Tyowanye

RCM Church. St Joseph the Worker, Tyowanye
The Roman Catholics too have a major church in Tyowanye known as St Joseph the Worker.

RCM’s St Joseph the Worker Parish, Tyowanye (earlier church building)
RCM’s St Joseph the Worker Parish, Tyowanye (new church building)

Denominations like pentecostal among others also have large number of members.

The market is after every 5 days. Due to dramatic urbanisation of the area traders sell several items even on non-market days.

Tyowanye market

But market days have more and items. Things traded usually include yams, cassava products like flakes, soya-beans, beans, rice, groundnuts, pepper and tomatoes.

Tyowanye has many privately owned healthcare clinics and a government owned one.

A Buruku LGA health clinic, Tyowanye

The town, Tyowanye, ishome to many schools including Triumph Children’s Academy, NKST Primary School, RCM Primary School, Dooshima High School.

NKST Primary School, Tyowanye
Dooshima High School, Tyowanye
Dooshima High School, Tyowanye