Ibom deep seaport is designed for very large vessels, vessels that can load over 13 thousand containers in one voyage. It will be a transshipment port as smaller vessels will re-distribute cargo from the mega vessels to sea ports, river ports closer to the consignees within Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

IDSP is a Federal Government project driven by the Nigerian Port Authority & Federal Ministry of Transport Akwa-Ibom state. And we have the Global Maritime & Port Services PTE Limited as the transaction driver

It is located to serve West and Central African Region, JDZ Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroun, Angola, Gabon, Congo, Congo DRC, Chad etc.

It has 5,129 hectares for port development

Port Access

  • Road –Trunk A and B link to East West Road, Calabar, Ikom, Ikang, Abakaliki, Aba -road corridors to Port Harcourt, South East, North Central, North East, South West, Cameroun, Chad, Benin Republic, Niger.
  • Rail Linkages –Eastern Rail line linking Port Harcourt, Abiato Maiduguri, North West (Kano) and the proposed Coastal Rail line.
  • Air transport –5 International Airports; Links to 17 Domestic airports.
  • Over 3,800km navigable waterways links more than 20 states and 7 river ports.