Imo Festivals, Dress, Music, Dancing, Arts, Crafts, Culture, Places to visit

The inhabitants of Imo State are lgbos, a culturally homogeneous group. The lgbo language is spoken throughout the state with minor differences in dialects.

The official language of the state is however, English. Imo State has a very rich cultural heritage. This is manifested in dressing, music, dance, festivals, arts and crafts, and the traditional hospitality of the people.


There are many traditional festivals observed in the State. Each community has different festivals celebrated in honor of ancient deities or to mark an important event in the history of the area. There are different festivals to usher in the harvest season, the most popular being the Ahiajoku Festival which is observed in all the farming communities.

Music and Dancing

Imo State is rich in traditional music and dances, which have persisted in spite of foreign influences. The lgbos have different types of music to suit various occasions, such as work, leisure, marriage, and funeral. Much of the traditional music is a combination of vocal and instrumental artistry, which produces a tuneful melody. Honored traditional music and dances include Abigbo, Ekpe, Ikoro, Okonko, Mmawa, etc.


The traditional apparel for the men is an overflowing jumper or a long-sleeved shirt worn over the George wrapper, which is tied round the waist, flowing down to the ankles. This dress is complemented with a cap and a walking stick, which serves as an instrument of support and defense. The traditional wear for the women is a blouse, worn over a loin cloth. This female outfit goes with a head tie, ear rings and necklaces.

Arts and Crafts

Traditional artists abound in the state. Works of art produced in the state include: carved doors, walking sticks of different designs, sculptures, flutes, wooden mortars and pestles, gongs, and the famous talking drums. Metal works and various types of fabrications are locally produced.Some art & cultural centers include: The Mbari Cultural Center at Owerri, Eke Nguru in Aboh Mbaise and lgwekala shrine in Urnunoha are traditional art and craft centers that depict the culture and heritage of the lgbos.


Part of the culture of the state is the lgbo traditional hospitality to visitors, which begins with the presentation of kolanuts to the visitor. The kolanut signifies that the visitor is heartily welcomed. The ritual of the presentation of the kolanut is consummated with the offering of prayers and thanksgiving or petition to the supreme God and other deities, for the protection of the visitor and the host.


1. Imo Concorde Hotel located at New Owerri, Off Port Harcourt Road Owerri.
2. All Seasons Hotels located at plot 5049, Commercial District, New Owerri.
3. Disney Hotels located at Onitsha Road Owerri.
4. Owerri Hotel Plaza located at Port Harcourt Road.
5. Links Hotel located at New Oweri, Off Port Harcourt Road Owerri.
6. Dreamland Hotels located at World Bank Area, Off Port Harcourt Road Owerri.
7. Lobic Meridian Hotel located at Port Harcourt Road.
8. Newcastel Hotel located at World Bank Area, Off Port Harcourt Road Owerri.
9. Legend Hotel located at New Oweri, Off Port Harcourt Road Owerri.
10. Hollywood Int’l Hotel  located at Prefab Area Owerri.


Opinions on dinning and restaurant in Imo

  • Crunchies: plot 79 ITC junction
  • Mr. Fans: 106 Mbari street, Ikenegbu layout
  • Jevenik Restaurants and Bar: 19 Umez –Eronini street, Ikenegbu layout Owerri
  • Best Lady Restaurants: off Ekwena Crescent off Wetheral road
  • Stainless Restaurant :Mbari street, Ikenegbu
  • Renny’s place: Ekwena crescent off wetheral road
  • Mr. Biggs:Okigwe road, Owerri
  • Channel O: Umez Eronini street Ikenegbu
  • DE Simeons: Ekwena Crescent Owerri
  • Hungry man: Fsp park around wetheral


  • Visit Oguta Wonder lake Resort : located at Oguta were you can have brake during visit. Located at about 30mins travel from the city
  • Visit the Zoo : located at Nekede, at about 15mins drive from the city
  • Night out bars were one can be treat to delightful meal of real fish and child drinks of sorted type. E.g Mess 77, Tata fish, Boom. Somewhere in town (old stadium)
  • Visit Mbari kitchen for high life instrumental bands, watch footballs and cinema
  • Visit concord casino and lounge bar


  • CLUBBING: All Seasons hotel- very popular and fun place to hang out, they have live and DJ music and a fun swimming pool areas. There’s  also an out door place with great music across the street
  • HANGOUT AT MESS 77, LA FISH, TATA FISH: Where you can be treat to delightful fish meals like point and kill
  • Enjoy local delicases at Mbari kitchen.


  • Destiny supermarket: around ikenegbu road
  • Maris supermarket: around ikenegbu road
  • Shorty collectibles : around wetheral road
  • Boxxy fresh: around tetlow