Prominent places in Imo State

Popular places of tourist attraction in Imo State, Nigeria

Oguta Lake and Golf Resort

Located about 40km away from Owerri, this motel and tourist resort is a 3-star hotel aimed at attracting tourists to Oguta Lake.

It was originally established as a retreat and get away spot for the colonial rulers and this resort has been upgraded and equipped with modern facilities to help boost tourism potential of Oguta Lake.

While there, visitors can take a cruise on the lake or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course on the bank of the lake. Address: Oguta Lake, Oguta LGA, Imo State.


Oguta Lake and Golf Resort was established about 40 years ago by the colonial rulers as their exclusive “get away” spot. During the Nigeria-Biafra civil war of 1967-1970, the Biafran’s built a bunker with a tunnel that runs under the lake connecting both banks of the lake, this is preserved today as it’s an important part of Oguta Lake’s history and still attracts a lot of visitors.

On the second of September 1977 the then Military Administrator of Imo State commissioned the 60 roommotel with a view to establishing the resort as a tourist destination of choice. Subsequently regular social and sporting events having been staged cumulating in the annual golf tourney.

Oguta Lake and Golf resort sadly the full potentials of this resort has never been fully harnessed resultingits current under utilization and subsequent loss of revenue to Imo State and its people.

With the inception of the vibrant and dynamic administration of Chief Ikedi Ohakim, Oguta Lake andGolf Resort has been rightly identified as a potential tourism hot spot with great potential ofturning round the fortunes of Imo State and its partner investors.

In pursuit of these goals the Imo State Government has decided to transform and reinvent the Oguta Lake and Golf Resort to reflect the goals and objectives of the “The New Face of Imo”, thus this resort shall be redesigned and developed into a World Class Edutainment Center to be known as the Imo Wonder Lake Resort and Conference Center, Oguta, or simply as Wonder Lake Resort, Nigeria.

Present day Oguta settled during the 18TH Century as a nomadic tribe of Beni Stock who lived with the Obeagwa ,Amaozua and Obuta people. They were basically farmers but also engaged in the lucrative palm oil trade and eventually attracted the Royal Niger Company (RNC) in the area.

Ogutas was the venue of fierce fighting during the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War, The Presence of one of the Ojukwu Bunkers and twisted remains of the UAC Kernel Store stand as memorials of the conflict. Oguta observes three traditional festivals: Agugu Achina, Owu Achina, Omerife festivals as well as Easter,Christmas and New Year. The societies are based on age group having its own dances and masquerades.

Tradition says that “Mammy water” Exists in the Oguta Lake and most of the populace believes in the existence and effectiveness of such spirit. There are two cult shrines owned by t he Oguta People. One of the standing traditions of Oguta people is that old women of the town, over sixty years may ferry people across the Lake.

Oguta is made up of Oguta 1, the traditional centre of the town, situated at the East Bank of the lake.Oguta II, on the South Bank of the lake, Housing the UAC, SCOA and other European Trading firms as well as Aro Quarters, Kalabari beach etc.Oguta III is on the North bank Of the Lake and is separated from Oguta1 by the Okposha Inlet. Oguta III offers a pleasing view of Oguta Blue Lake, as it is called or Ogbuide is the second largest fresh water in Nigeria, no brine, no smarting in the eyes and no harmful creatures. It is surrounded with ever –green environs of the poetic beauty. It is the Premiere Tourist Attraction of the state.

In 1973, permission was granted by the East Central to Messer’s Ibru and Vaughan-Richard, Architect and planners for the Oguta Lake Resort Project of the entire Area was made conscious of its involvement with the Resort Industry. To ensure a smooth flow of development, The Oguta project was programmed for seven phases, only two of the phases were realized and they gave birth to:

  • The ultra modern Oguta lake motel Limited.
  • 18 holes international golf course reputed as one of the most challenging golf courses in West Africa.

Oguta motel originally had 62 chalets which could easily converted to31 suites and was the venue for both National and international conferences, Meetings and Workshops .The golf course had in the past hosted many golf tournaments and if properly maintained and adequate facilities provided, would attract both national and international golf tournaments.


This is a biological garden complex located at old Nekede in Owerri. The Zoo has stock of different animals ranging from Lions, Pythons, Monkey, Ostrich, Crocodile, Cattle Egret, Guerrilla, and different birds.

The Nekede Zoo is a biological garden complex located at old Nekede in Owerri. It is under theDepartment of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It is divided into 3 sections

  • The Zoo proper with caged animals
  • The Animal free Zone area
  • The Central Nursery

The Zoo has stock of different animals ranging from Lions, Pythons, Monkey, Ostrich, Crocodile, Cattle Egret, Guerilla, and different birds.

The complex also has a Poultry where birds are reared for the in house consumption by carnivorous animals which are fed one a week those chicks. Equally, the museum also located in the zoo has the capacity of storing dead animals that are widely conserved by the wild life specialist. This process involves the dissecting of these animals using chemicals, which make them to last as long as the zoo exists.


The Onicha Mbaise spring in Ezinihitte Local Government Area is popularly called by the local populace “Isi-iyi Omukwu”. This is because Omukwu is where the spring is located.

Omukwu is one of the ten villages that make up Onicha Ama-iri. Before the advent of boreholes, Isi-iyi was the only source of clean water that served the entire Onicha Ama-iri in Ezinihitte and their neighbours, the Ahiara people in Ahiazu Mbaise L.G.A.

Omukwu is the Administrative Headquarters of Onicha Nweafor autonomous community. The name of the traditional ruler is H.R.H, Eze Anthony Nwanguma.

The Onicha spring, “Isi-iyi Omukwu” is located in Umumiri, Omukwu. It is a bit isolated from the people and surrounded by a thick forest. It is not centrally located as it is at the extreme east of Onicha Amairi.

There are six villages that make up Omukwu namely: Umuopara, umuagba, Umumiri, Umuze, Umuokoro and Umukpa. These villages jointly own the spring. Each of these villages has its own stream called “Onumiri”.

However, the major or headspring among them is the “Isi-iyi Umumiri”. It is also the only spring located in and around Onicha, Ezinihitte. The “Isi-iyi” flows into the streams in Umuagba, Umuopara, Umuze, Eziama, Onicha, Ubonukam through Imo River at Udo, Ezinihitte and Umunwanwa in Abia State. The stream in Umuopara is big enough to contain big canoes.

The people can take their baths and do their washings in “Isi-iyi Umumiri” and any of the streams in the six villages. But it is a taboo to fish in “Isi-iyi” and its streams though fishes abound in them.

There is clay deposit in and around the spring, which the people call “obo-nzu”. The people of Omukwu are friendly and hospitable. They are bounded by their neighbours, the people of Achara Obowo in the east, Eziama Onicha in the west, Aguneze Ahiara and Ikenanzizi Obowo in the north and south respectively. The Omukwu people are mainly farmers and predominantly Christian


This lake occupies a wetland, which is more of a swampy environment. It is located in Awo Idemiliabout 2 km from the local government Headquarters. It is in between Akuma in Oru East andAwo Idemili in Orsu LGA.

It has a palm beach setting with so many palm fruits occupying a large area of land.This lake could be harnessed to tourist site as the serene cools calm and breeze for peoplespend their weekends and holidays. Potential investors are encouraged to visit this site andsee things for themselves.

Eze Silver Ibenyi Ugbala II Palace, Orlu

It is a traditional court palace with its mysteries, historical and archeological discoveries. A custodian of Igbo culture and tradition, the palace is an ideal place for Igbo cultural studies.

Ada Palm Plantation

Established in 1974, Ada palm is the biggest and most viable oil palm plantation in West Africa.

The palm plantation, which occupies about 4,310 hectares of land, with a housing estate, was one of the nation’s major sources of foreign exchange before the discovery of petroleum. This plantation lies in the parcel of land between Amafor and Egbema in Ohiji/Egbema LGA. Access is Owerri to Port-Harcourt road; turn right to Amafor about 20km from Owerri.

Mbari Cultural & Art Centre, Owerri

Mbari centre is situated at Ikenegbu in Central Owerri. It is being housed by the Imo State council for Arts and Culture. Mbari is an open air museum that houses monumental arts that depicts peace, prosperity and social life in Igbo land.



Iyi okwu spring is located at Okwuepe village in Ebenese Ihioma autonomous community in Orlu LGA.The spring gushes out from a rock on the hill in pipe like manner laid by nature. it is veryclean and pure as it rushes with intensity downwards.

Up there on the hill, coal was discovered. As a result of the discovery, the members of theImo House of visited the area to ascertain in 2001.

During the Nigerian – Biafran civil war, there was mining of coal carried out at the site by theBiafran government. It was also discovered that a substance like gas was emitted during the courseof mining activities.

The Iyiokwu spring has a link with the Iyi Ngodo lake via Ezize stream then to Urasi River.


Iyi Mgbede spring is located between Eluama and Umuire villages in Orlu autonomous community.Its source is traceable to Amaike and it also flows from the rock.

It used to be a source of clean water for the people in the community. However, erosion menace on the road leading to it has been cut off from the people making it impossible to fetch water, as it used to be in the past.


This spring is located in Ofeahia Amaifeke autonomous community in Orlu LGA.The spring water safe for drinking and does not come out from a particular channel,there are up to five channels from which it gushes out.

It has an area that looks like a desert with a serene environment, which compelled the whites tobuild a settlement there where they lived. It also has a trekable hill and a confluence centeremptying into Urashi at Mgbee.

One remarkable feature of this spring water is that no one can get drowned in it.


Ekwe and Ebenator Ekwe are two autonomous autonomous communities in Isu LGA, blessed with two natural springs. These springs have been there since time immemorial.

The natural spring water at Ekwe is situated at Ekwe Nweore and it is called Ishiyi, and the one at Ebenator Ekwe is at Eluama Ebenator Ekwe and called Iyieshieakwu.

Both springs are still in existence uptill today and the two communities use the water from these springs for domestic purposes.

Abou 25years ago, the people of Ekwe community constructed a big slab at the Ishiyi with pipes to draw their drinking water without much problems,the spring water at Ebenator Ekwe has remained same till today and still being used for domestic purposes.


The Amadioha is also a warrior. She fights with hive of bees. When anyone insults the Chief Priest, Amadioha goes to the person’s house with hive of bees, or when you promise to give her something and fail to fulfill the promise, the spirit goes to the people’s house with bees and they will be there till the promise is fulfilled accordingly.

On the choice of the Chief Priest, Amadioha Umuneke believes in reincarnation. As the first Chief Priest of Amadioha Umuneke was Amadichieze, after his death, the person that reincarnated him became the next Chief Priest, it has been like that till now, as the present chief priest is Nwaemeka Eke, when he dies, anyone that reincarnates him will be the next Chief Priest. If the arrow fails on ones head to do the Chief Priest, if for any reason the person rejects it, the person becomes mad throughout his life.

The Umuneke community performs an annual festival called “Aju festival”. It is aimed at showing appreciation to Amadioha for the protection of life and property she granted them the previous year and also ask for more protection and abundance in theier farms.

In preparation of the “Aju festival”, three weeks to the festival, elder’s council is consulted by the Chief Priest with 8 colanuts and 4 kegs of palm wine. The elders will chose a date for the ceremony. Prior to the ceremony, the shrine will be decorated with palm fronds, red and white cloths, libation will be poured on the shrine every day for 3 weeks. During the preparation period, there will be no quarrel or fight within the community. Anyone who violets it will bring one goat to the chief priest. On the day of the ceremony, every daughter of the area that is married outside comes with a fowl, which most of them will be killed and their blood sprinkled around the shrine. Food and wine will be provided by men in the community which is cooked and eaten together. Pleasantries and gifts are also exchanged among themselves and the chief priest as a way of encouraging one another.

According to the chief priest, Nze Nwaeeka Eke, Umadioha Umuneke is benevolent sprit, kind hearted, soft spoken, provide adequate protection for every Umuneke son and daughter where they are. She sees them through in the time of trouble and gives them promotions in their work places.


This is located in Mgbidi Oru West LGA. It is a lake occupying a small distance. One distinguishing feature of this lake is nobody fishes in the lake and nobody eats any seafood from lake.

At a particular time of the year, the water dries up and come back at some point.The lake also allows people to make use of a part way to cross over from one side of the lake to another

Palm Beach Holiday Resort, Awo-Omama

Located in Awo-Omama, it is a beach that is associated with palm trees and beautiful environment for relaxation.


Located in Ezeama community in Dikenafai in Ideato-south LGA, this is a spring which has mysterious source from a rope-like feather stretching from a mountainous substance. The spring is believed to have been the source of Urashi River which stretches from Ideato south to north, terminating in Oguido where the blue lake and Urashi River is located.

This is created in Ezeama Community in Dikenafai in Ideato South LGA. It is a spring which has mysterious source from a rope like feather stretching from a mountainous substance. The spring has a collection of small ways accumulated with a dift. The spring is believed to have been the source from time immemorial and from there source, what is known today as Urashi River which stretches from Ideato South to north, terminating in Oguido (the Blue lake and Urashi River). Here, you will come to appreciate nature where two bodies of water flow parallel to each other but do not mix.

In 1967, a white man tried to harness the spring to a tourist, but could not complete it due to forces Maguire. He built a 52 flight of staircases at the base of the spring. The Amadioha Umuneke came into umuneke from Ihitte when the people of the area (Ihitte) migrated into Umuneke; they came with the spirit called Amadioha. It happened that a hunter from Ihitte called Amadichieze came to Umuneke in search for animals, while in the bush, he saw a river called “Ogochie” He admired the purity and the force through which the Ogochie River was moving. He went back to his village and told his people about river and the followed him to see things for themselves when the saw the river, the people agreed in unism to migrate into Umuneke to settle.

As they came, they brought their spirit called “Amadioha”. As the people were warriors the fought and conquered Umuneke and took over the area. The people became so powerful that Amadichieze (the Founder) of Umuneke became the traditional ruler of the entire Ngor-Okpala and the Amadioha Unmuneke became the most powerful spirit in the area.

Amadioha Umuneke, which is a woman, is a kind hearted spirit that settles cases and disputes amicably without fear or favour. When a case is brought to her, all you have to do is to put liberation and explain the whole truth; she will intervene and make peace where necessary. Shse does not take bribe or sides, she does not shed blood, and it can only shed blood or kill anybody only when she is neglected or insulted. When she settles any case, the person has to show appreciation by giving her a fowl and pour libertion within and around the shrine.Whatever you want from the spirit, you have to go through the Chief Priest, who talks to the spirit, (Amadioha) with the language she understands.

In the good old days when the people adore and worship Amadioha, Umuneke properly and kept its rules and regulations you can never see a barren woman in Umuneke because of love for women and children. Whenever any woman is in need of child or children and goes to her, she will certainly give and the woman will give appreciation by dedicating that child to the spirit.


Located in the ancient city of Okigwe, the hills which comprise a series of hills that expand from Ihube to Okigwe town into the northern border, provide a great site for camping and picnicking.


The lake resort which is situated in Obowo LGA has a fresh and muddy colour water body which is festooned with a luxuriant raffia palm and bamboo trees adding to its aestheticism.

The lake is accessed through Owerri/Umuahia road, stop at Avutu.


Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in Imo State and is supposed to have originated from a natural depression.

The lake is of immense value to the people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi and Awo. In the colonial era, the Oguta Lake was a port for the evacuation of palm products and the relics of the jetties used by the United African Company (U. A. C.) still exist today.

During the civil war, the Oguta Lake was a marine base for the Biafran Navy. Visitors can take a cruise on the lake or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course on the bank of the lake.