Mbaise clans

Mbaise is a group of Igbo people located in Imo state, south eastern Nigeria.

The 5 clans of Mbaise

Mbaise 5 clans are:

  1. Agbaja
  2. Ahiara
  3. Ekwerazu
  4. Ezinihitte and
  5. Oke-Uvuru
Mbaise people … 1
Mbaise people … 2
Mbaise people … 3


In Igbo language Mbaise literally means “five towns”.

Mbaise’s 3 Local Government Areas

The towns constitute 3 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Imo state, namely:

  1. Aboh Mbaise
  2. Ahiazu Mbaise and
  3. Ezinihitte Mbaise
Map of Imo State showing Local Government Areas (LGAs). The 3 LGAs of Mbaise are indicated
Map of Mbaise


The great “Abigbo” dance troupe, “Oji” Mbaise, which celebrates the significance of the kola nut, “Iri-ji” Mbaise, an annual celebration of the yam harvest – all are festivities for which Mbaise is well-known.

Culture, traditions and customs

Mbaise people have rich culture, traditions and customs. Some of the activities are:

  • Isu asusu Igbo
  • Igoo Orji
  • Iru Mgbede
  • Iwa Akwa
  • Iboo uzo
  • Ilu Nwanyi
  • Ntozu Oke
  • Igba ngba
  • Ijike njike ka onye Mbaise
  • Imuta otu esi agba egwu anyi dika
  • Agbigbo na Ogbongelenge


Mbaise people are also known for starting self-help projects. As a result, many infrastructures in Mbaise are products of private initiatives and communal efforts.

Mbaise USA Inc

Mbaise USA Inc was formed in response to the need for an umbrella organization of all Mbaise people in the United States.

It seeks to generate enthusiasm among Mbaise people. The not-for-profit organisation is committed to cultural awakening, fostering community identity, forging solidarity as well as promoting development and progress of Ndi Mbaise.

It helps forge solidarity among Mbaise people.

In September of 2008, Mbaise USA Inc held its inaugural national convention in Houston Texas.

During the convention, affiliate chapters formally registered into the organization, appointed delegates to the Board of Delegates, ratified the constitution and elected its officers.①