Ezeji Title Holders in Mbaise

There are farmers in every village and town of Mbaise who grow and harvest more yams.

Mbaise people

The greatest among the farmers were given the prestigious title of EZEJI.

They are acclaimed as having the largest farms and could feed hundreds of people without running out of supply.

Though the Ezeji title holders regard New Yam Festival as their particular ceremony, the event is for every member of the Mbaise.

The Ezeji cultivates the yams, owns the yams, harvest the yams, and gives them to people to eat. It is also the role of the Ezeji to roast and cook yams enough to feed the masses that attend the new yam festival ceremony.

They are also great and powerful landowners, and as title holders, they are expected to be outstanding personalities in the Community. Ezeji people play important roles in the settlement of land disputes. They pray and bless the new yam, taste it and give it to others to eat.

Meanwhile, in recent times, yam which is regarded as the head of farm crops has come to symbolize among other things; accomplishments, jobs, productivity in every field of life endeavor, overcoming adversity, anniversaries, etc.

On the 15th of August every year, Mbaise people all over the world must celebrate this thanksgiving event individually or collectively with friends and well-wishers. They come together to celebrate their achievements and accomplishments over the year with special thanksgiving to God.

As a ceremony, the Iri Ji annual event attracts people from all over the world. It has attracted Chief Executives, top Government Officials, Governors, and Vice Presidents over the years. It has become a symbol of unity and homecoming for Mbaise sons and daughters who appreciate economic, social, and tourism activities within this period.