NASREA Permits. Application, fees, issuance

A.  Introduction

Environmental permit(s) enable businesses and industrial facilities whose operations may have potential impact on the environment to be environment-friendly in their operations and to also comply effectively with the relevant environmental standards and regulations.

B.  Types of Permits

For the purpose of clarity, and to guard against unnecessary duplication of Permits, NESREA has categorized her Environmental Permits into the following five (5) main groups:

  • Air Quality Permit relating to issues on Atmospheric Emissions, Vehicular Emissions, Open Burning, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment (RAC), and Noise;
  • Waste and Toxic Substances Permit relating to issues on Waste Generation, Restricted Chemicals, Sludge Disposal and Effluent Discharge;
  • Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (UEEE) Permit relating handling, import and export of UEEE; and
  • Biodiversity Conservation Permit relating to issues on Assess to Genetic Resources.
  • Eco-Guard Certification (Click to read More)

C.  Application Process

Applicants are required to visit the NESPAM Portal to apply for the various Permits.

For Further enquires about the NESPAM Portal, please contact us on: [email protected] or reach us on +23408058949701


D.  Time-Line

All “complete” application forms shall be acknowledged by the Agency within 7 working days of receipt; and the Agency may upon assessment of the application request the applicant to furnish additional information within a specified period.

E.  Statutory Fee

The statutory fees include:

1Processing Fee For:
a.Biodiversity Conservation Permit50,000
b.Electrical & Electronic Equipment Permit15,000
c.Air Quality Permit20,000
d.Waste and Toxic Substances Permit20,000
e.Eco-Guard Certification40,000
2.Amendment Fee20,000
3.Re-hearing Fee50,000
4.Appeal Fee20, 000
5.Annual Permit FeeVariable
6.Renewal FeeVariable

F.  Issuance of Permit

If the Application is approved, the Agency shall first notify the applicant of such approval, including the assessed Annual Permit Fee to be paid within a specified period. On payment of the Permit Fee by the applicant, the Agency shall issue the appropriate Permit and the conditions therein.

Please Note

  • The application fee(s) for Amendment, Re-hearing, Appeal and Renewal, will in addition attract the required Processing Fee(s).
  • The Annual Permit fee is variable depending on the facility and its operations.
  • Permit(s) shall be renewed annually.
  • Renewal Fee is variable like the Permit Fee.
  • All fees are subject to review by the Agency.

Reference: NESREA Official Website | Permits