Oba heads artifacts

The Oba heads are courtly artifacts that originate from the Edo people of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria.

Unknown Artist Oba heads Bronze 17.5 cm/14 cm $ 800.00

The title of “oba,” or king, is passed on to the firstborn son of each successive king of Benin at the time of his death. The first obligation of each new king during this transfer of rule is to make in his father’s memory, a portrait cast in bronze and placed on an altar at the palace.

In honoring the royal ancestors, the cast-brass heads refer to the special role of the head in directing not only the body but also a person’s success in life. These two Oba heads may differ in design from other Oba heads.

More than just the heads, and pointed headdress, these bronze artifacts are also made up of the torso of the Oba. This shows the diversity in craftsmanship and design of the Benin Kingdom.