Owukpa Coal

Owukpa coal exploration, development and mining

Nigeria’s coal reserves are  over 10 billion metric tons, with approximately 800 million tons situated in Owukpa.

Owukpa Coal

The bituminous coal mined in this area has high calorific value, low ash and low sulfur contents making it easy to store and commercially viable.


Owukpa is on the Eastern border of the Anambra Coal basin in Benue State of Nigeria.

Coordinates of the Iyari River Valley coal bed are: 06’57”13.5 N by 07’36”59.9 E. The local government area is Ogbadibo.

Owukpa Coal Grade Analysis
Gross Calorific value : 6430 Kcal/Kg

Volatile matter : 38.6%

Fixed Carbon : 40.0%

Total Sulphur : 0.7%

Moisture : 8.3%

Ash : 8.6%

Owukpa Seam Thickness
Ranges from 1.7m to 3.7 meters averaging out at 2.59 meters

Owukpa coal potential
There is an additional prospective area of 240 000 ha and in total a potential estimated 1.2 to 1.5 billion tons of coal in the area.

Main seam outcrops: Confirmed up to 15 meters of overburden

Owukpa Consolidated Mines Nigeria Limited
Established in 2003 , Owukpa Consolidated Mines Nigeria Limited is a coal exploration, development and mining company situated in the Middle-Belt Nigerian Town of Owukpa, Benue State and engaged in both Open Cast and Underground Mining.