Regions of Ghana

• The regions of Ghana are:
• Greater Accra Region
• Ashanti Region
• Brong Ahafo Region
• Central Region
• Western Region
• Eastern Region
• Volta Region
• Northern Region
• Upper West Region
• Upper East Region

Greater Accra Region

Greater Accra Region is the smallest, but certainly the most influential of Ghana’s ten regions. Its capital, Accra is the nation’s capital as well as the commercial, administrative and sports hub of the country. Two important gateways, Kotoka International Airport and Tema Harbour, are located in this region.

 Ashanti Region

The Ashanti region can proudly claim to be the cultural heartbeat of Ghana. Visitors to this land of the Golden Stool will be struck, by the hospitality of the people as well as the manifestation of Asante’s culture poignantly expressed in the language, passage rites, festivals, cuisine and ordinary day-to-day activities of the Asante people.

Brong Ahafo Region

The Brong Ahafo Region is 400km north of Accra, a drive of seven hours. Located in the country’s midlands, the region spans about 320km, from the Ghana-Cote D’Ivoire border in the west to Lake Volta in the east.

Central Region

The Central Region is blessed with its proximity to the country’s capital, Accra and it is about 145 kilometres away with two and a half hour drive.

 Western Region

The Western Region, with its rich resources and bountiful natural assets, is a major tourist destination.

 Eastern Region

The Eastern Region is a tourist treasure trove.

 Volta Region

The Volta Region is located in the eastern part of Ghana, Sharing its eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo, western with the Volta River and Lake, southern border is the Atlantic Ocean while the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region.

 Northern Region

With an area of 70,390km sq. covering 31 per cent of the country’s landmass, the Northern Region is the largest in Ghana.

 Upper West Region

The unsung Upper West Region is one of Ghana’s smallest, yet it possesses one of the greater stocks of tourist attractions.

 Upper East Region

The Upper East Region is located in the extreme north-eastern corner of Ghana.