Rivers State Judiciary

The judicial branch of Rivers State government has authority and responsibility for the interpretation and application of the state’s laws as well as the adjudication of disputes or controversies.

It consists of two major Courts, which have a subdivision of eight courts: High Court of Justice, Magistrates Courts, Customary Courts, Juveniles Courts, Revenue Courts, Sanitation Courts, Mobile Courts and Ports Related Offences Courts

The judiciary is governed mainly by the Chief Judge of the High Court of Justice. There are about 26 serving judges in the High Court of Justice, which comprises 10 Judicial Divisions including Port Harcourt, Ahoada, Degema, Nchia, Bori, Omoku, Isiokpo, Okrika, Okehi, and Oyigbo.

HON. JUSTICE C.N. WALI – Chief Judge of Rivers State

Hon. Justice M.W. Danagogo

Hon. Justice S.H. Aprioku

Hon. Justice Chinelo Odili

Hon. Justice Stanley O. Benson

Hon. Justice M.O. Chukwu

Hon. Justice Daketima Gabriel Kio

Hon. Justice K-Chuku, Augusta Uche

Hon. Justice Chinwe Amanda Nsirim



Hon. Justice Chinwendu Nwogu

Hon. Justice B.G. Diepiri

Hon. Justice C.N. Wali

Hon. Justice I.P. Chigozi Igwe

Hon. Justice L.L. Nyordee

Hon. Justice Lemea Abina

Hon. Justice G.C. Aguma

Hon. Justice Florence A. Fiberesima

Hon. Justice Sobere Biambo

Hon. Justice Constance D. Green

Hon. Justice E.S. Nyesom-Wike