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Call: +23480 60007 098

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Email: [email protected]

Location: Plot 1075, Joseph Gomwalk Str., Gudu District, P.M.B. 345, Garki Abuja

The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre is a Parastatal in the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. It is principally a human development outfit established for the training and moulding of Nigeria citizenry to become responsible and respectable Citizens and leaders.

The Centre is by all indication the only informal educational institution in Nigeria that executes experiential and Outward Bound education. It provides citizenship &  leadership training in an atmosphere in which self-discovery and self -actualization are evidently based on one’s competence and ability, irrespective of one’s origin, belief or class. The Centre has unwaveringly provided practical training that has positively reshaped the character and orientation of Nigerians who have passed through her in any form. It is also the parent body of Man O’ War Commands which exist in all States of the Federation including the FCT and Railways. 

The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre (CLTC), is apparently one of the few surviving national Institutions established in pre-independence days of Nigeria (just like the Nigeria Police, The Prison, The Nigerian Railways, etc). It was founded as Man O’ War Training Centre (at Man O’ War Bay, Southern Cameroon) in 1951, by the British Government as the second institution in the world to run  Man O’ War Training Course in community development and leadership. The course covers all sorts of people-clerks, schoolteachers, junior govt. officials, etc.- anybody who thinks he might benefit from a course by developing powers of leadership and learning to take a prominent part in the country’s affairs, akin to theones run by the Outward Bound Centre in the