ASTC, Aviation Security Training Center, Lagos

Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC), Lagos provides trainings to international, regional, sub-regional and national organizations, airlines, airports, aviation security providers including individuals at its training centre.

ASTC started on the 12th of April 2018 to support States in resolving security training needs and deficiencies identified through the ICAO Aviation Security Audit Programme (USAP).

The training centre delivers the ICAO Aviation Security Training Packages (ICAO ASTP’s) and other developed courses by leveraging on the expertise of its experienced ICAO/National Certified AVSEC instructors and we have favorable classroom environments that is equipped with state of the arts learning materials.

ASTC Management

ASTC is headed by a director with a coordinator and an assistant coordinator.

In addition to the above, the ASTC is directly under the management of FAAN.

For entry into Nigeria, visitors must have a valid passport (for at least six months from the date of return), a return ticket and sufficient funds to maintain themselves while In the country for the period of rhe ICAO course. A visa is NOT required by some nationals that are within the visa exemption areas. However, there is opportunity for visa on arrival at the Airport.


National instructors courseFebruary 13th – 17th51 ,oooN350,OOOEnglish
AVSEC 123 BasicApril 24th – 28th101 ,oooN400,OOOEnglish
Cargo and mail security courseMay 22nd – 26th5800N350,OOOEnglish
National inspectors courseJune 19th- 23rd7900N350,OOOEnglish
Behaviour detection courseAugust 14th – 18th5700N350,OOOEnglish
Risk managementOctober 23rd – 27th4600N300,OOOEnglish
Airport security awareness(for stakeholders) Virtual and PhysicalOn demandDepends on needsNegotiableNegotiableEnglish
Specific Corporation designs of training on any of the AVSEC Courses.On demandDepends on needsNegotiableNegotiableEnglish