Dressing, fashion among Hausa women


Saki (Traditional Weaving).  The traditional Hausa woven women dress is made up of two wrappers of saki.  In some cases especially married women they sew/stilch in traditional way a Buba, just like that of Yoruba women.

The wrappers are in classes :

  • Idon Kwartuwa which is normally expensive and is for the rich and royalists.
  • Mai Kwarya-kwarya: This appears In two columns, there is the white one and the black one.
  • Duba Uwar Rago:  It is a mixing of black and white thread. It is expensive also.
  • Madaa: Black wrapper with white lining in the middle.
  • Giwar Basa: it was decorated with wool.
  • Dunhu: Plainly black.
  • Mudugare: This is typically Fulani dress.

Then we have Gwado and Luru bed-sheets for wall decorations.


Here we have modern designs, which are found in almost everywhere.

  1. Budu
  2. Budu – Round neck with long/medium sleeve
  3. Umbrella – Looking like an umbrella
  4. ‘A’ Shape – Just like ‘A’
  5. Gown – plain long garment normally for pregnant women
  6. Stella Style – Style
  7. Tazarce – Long garment with long sleeve
  8. ‘Yar Kwanga – Like Buba but with little difference
  9. Ghana Style – with embroidery like that of Ghana
  10. Senegal Style – Long as Senegal design
  11. Shime – Sleeveless like singlet
  12. Gada ba kowa of ca-ca-ca