Child naming ceremony among Hausa people

Child naming ceremony takes place on the 7th day of delivery.

On the eve of the day, the father of the child invites neighbours, friends and relatives to the ceremony. He buys kolanuts and a ram. Early in the morning the next day, the people gather in front of the father’s house.

Kolanuts are distributed and prayers are said.

At times children are named after the day they were born e.g. Danladi (male) Ladi (female), in case of those born on Sunday. Jumeor Jummai (female) or Danjuma (male) for those born on Friday, etc.

Some people also give name to their children according to the time, season or circumstances of their birth e.g. Ciwake or a Tumu for those born during beans and millet harvest. Malka and Dare for those born at the height of the rainy season and during night time respectively.

In the evening of the day, relatives, friends and well-wishers gather at the house where entertainment is provided and various gifts are presented to the mother of the baby.

These are purely traditional names. In addition, even though these names are in use, the people bearing these names still have their religious names.