Boti Falls 

There are actually two falls at Boti: The upper falls and the lower falls.

These are the main features of the Boti Falls (what has widely been talked about is the lower falls). The locals describe it as male and female (this description is for the lower falls only).

When the volume of water is high especially during the rainy season, the two meet in what the local describe as ‘a mating ceremony’.

This ceremony is ‘graced’ by the rainbow that is formed by the splashing water. Boti Falls is located just 17km North-east of Koforidua, the eastern regional capital.

For those interested in how soon it takes to get there, it is just over 30 minutes drive from Koforidua and over 90 minutes from Accra depending on your means of transportation.

Two attractions that are also available for visitors to see but not directly related to the falls are the umbrella rock and the three –head- palm tree. The locals have managed to develop these sites to enhance visitor experience, which means that you are not limited only the falls but other notable attractions as well.

The umbrella rock is just 30 minutes walk from the falls. The three head palm tree is unique and can be described as the ‘Siemens’ of the plant life. For those who want a guided tour of the forest reserve around the falls, tour guides are available to provide guided tours. The woods also provide a sacred place for those who want to set aside some time to reflect.