Mountain Afadja 

Mount Afadja is one of the highest mountains in Ghana standing at an elevation of 885 metres (2,904 ft).

The mountain is located in the Agumatsa Range near the villages of Gbledi and Liati Wote, in the Volta Region of Ghana at the border with Togo. ‘

Afadja’ is the name of the mountain whereas ‘to’ in the Ewe dialect means mountain therefore, it is called ‘Afadjato’ by the indigenes.

The correct name would be ‘Mount Afadja’ as ‘Mount Afadjato’ will be a repetition of the ‘Mountain.’ Mount Afadja is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Volta Region of Ghana welcoming thousands of visitors from around the globe annually. 

About a kilometer (less than a mile) to the east, is the nearby peak of Aduadu, which is higher than Afadjato, also standing at over 900 metres. When the indigenes migrated to the area and saw the mountain it looked like the mound in which water yam is planted, water yam being called “Avadze” in Ewe.

Moreover there were some creeping plants on the mountain that resembled the water yam plant; they therefore called it “Avadze-to”.

Today the word has been palatalized into “Afadjato”. The nearby Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls (the highest in West Africa) are also considered tourist attractions. There are several hidden attractions of caves, streams and other waterfalls in the area.