Kwahu Maps


Kwahu refers to an area and group of people that live in Ghana and are part of the Twi-speaking Akan group.

The Kwahu, an Akan people, live on the eastern border of Ashanti in Ghana

Kwahu lies in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on the west shore of Lake Volta.

The Kwahus share the Eastern Region with their fellow Akans: the Akyem and Akuapem, as well as the Adangbe-Krobos.

The area has been dubbed Asaase Aban, or the Natural Fortress, in view of its position as the highest habitable elevation in the country.

A significant migrant population from the Northern and Volta Regions and some indigenous Guans from the bordering Oti and Brong East Regions live in the Afram Plains area.

They work as traders, farm-hands, fisherfolk, and caretakers in the fertile waterfront ‘melting pot’.