Maps of Guyuk Local Government Area, Adamawa

Guyuk Local Government Area is located at the north western part of Adamawa state and is bounded in the west by Gombe state, in the east by Shellong Local Government Area, in the north by Borno state and in the south by Lamurde and Numan Local Government Areas.

Guyuk LGA has 10 wards

The 10 Districts of Guyuk LGA are:

  1. Bobini
  2. Banjiram
  3. Chikila
  4. Dukul
  5. Guyuk
  6. Dunma
  7. Bodeno
  8. Lokoro
  9. Purokayo
  10. Kola

Villages of Guyuk LGA

The villages of Guyuk LGA are:

  1. Arah
  2. Bodeno
  3. Dakiti
  4. Doma
  5. Dumburi Fulani
  6. Gadajuga
  7. Gargijik
  8. Gimakurje
  9. Gorotoro
  10. Jabi
  11. Kambila
  12. Katte
  13. Kukumli
  14. Labaram
  15. Lakati
  16. Libbo Dutse
  17. Mada
  18. Mittim
  19. Shumshi
  20. Vanera
  21. Wadafa
  22. Wawi
  23. Wurotuge
  24. Wuroyanka
  25. Zaunan-Bako

Councillors are elected to represent each of these wards at the Legislative Arms of the LGA.

Village heads, who are usually the oldest person in the community, are appointed and are in the employment of the LGA

An important geographical feature of the Local Government Area is River Gongola which separates the Local Govemment Area from Numan and Lamurde Local Government Areas.

Other featuresare the hills and plateaux found all over the Local Government Area.

The settlement pattern is along the flood plain of River Gongola and on the top of Lunguda plateau.

The Local Government Area has a tropical climate of Sahel type with main seasons notably long dry and short rainy seasons.

The weather is usually hot during the months of March to June in the lower plateau.

Vegetation are few and scattered over the area.

The valley and hilly terrain of the LGA exhibits considerable variation in culture, topography and environment.