Ghana Pottery

Pottery is one of the oldest human technologies and art forms, and it is still a significant industry in Ghana. In many parts of Ghana, pottery is the primary source of income for the people.

The material from which pottery ware is made is clay. The most common type is earthenware, also known as “Asanka or Ayewa”. Abonko in the Central region, Tafo-Adompom, Pakrono, and all suburbs of Kumasi in the Ashanti region are among the major pottery-producing areas in Ghana.

Because of wars with the Ashantis, the people of Vume migrated from the Denkyira area in 1701, and it is said that they brought their pottery techniques with them. This would imply that the origins of traditional pottery in Vume date back centuries.

Pottery/ceramics can be found in other parts of Ghana.