Ghana textile

Textile in Ghana ranges from the kente, adinkra traditional cloth, African prints, batiks or tie and dye, and the smock

The smock and kente cloth are said to be the national dress of Ghana. Kente cloth originated in the middle/southern region of Ghana. The smock is from the north of Ghana.

Kente (Akan: kente or nwetoma; Ewe: kete; Dagbani: Chinchini) is handwoven cloth, strips of silk and cotton. Historically the fabric was worn in a toga-like fashion by royalty among ethnic groups such as the Ashanti and Ewe. It is also worn by queens, princesses and women of Dagbon. Ghana now has only four textile factories that produce African prints.

Kente is usually worn during festivals like the Odwira and Hogbetsotso. It is worn on special occasions like weddings, national programs like the swearing-in of Presidents, durbars, and art and culture festivals.