Upper East Region, Ghana

Upper East Region is one of the two gateways to Ghana from Burkina Faso. The other is the Upper West Region. They are traditional crossroads for the Trans-Saharan trade route. An exciting introduction to Ghana, much of the landscape is broad Savannah grasslands, dotted with the strange-looking baobab trees, or striking Sahel terrain.

Bolgatanga District

Bolgatanga District is located right in the Centre of the Upper East Region bordered immediately by Bongo District to the North, Bawku West District to the East, Kassena Nankani District to the West and Northern region to the south.

Volta Region

The region is located at the eastern part of Ghana, sharing its eastern boundary with the Republic of Togo, western with the Volta River and Lake. The southern border is the Atlantic Ocean, while the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region.

Creation of the Volta Region

THE Volta Region occupies the eastern part of Ghana, which stretches from the coastal belt into the savanna and occupies a land size of 18093.27 square kilometers or 6959.42 square miles and shares the eastern border with the Republic of Togo, the southern border with the Atlantic Ocean, the west with the Volta Lake and the north with the Northern Region.