Senufo masks

The Senufo masks were made by the Senufo people located at the Northern part of Cote d’Ivoire. The masks were used in different kinds of masquerades mainly associated with Poro societies. 

All adult male and post-menopausal women among the Senufo are obliged   to join a Poro society, which hold an important position in the political and economic stability of the Senufo lineage.

Unknown Artist Senufo - Kpelie mask of the Senufo people Wood 33 cm $ 400.00

Senufo masks are used during initiations of new Poro members, or at the funerals of dead members. During initiation, the adult males are instructed through the use of sculptural figures. 

A mask with a broad base is usually swung from side to side and then hit on the ground to summon the spirit to the initiation ceremony. This wooden Senufo mask was made in the style of the Kpelie/ Kpele- yehe. The kpelie masks are small human faces with delicate features, representing female spirits. In use, a mask as this is paired with the Kponyugo Senufo mask, a zoomorphic mask which has contrasting male features compared to the Kpelie mask.