Ere Ibeji

In the Yoruba culture, twins are said to possess supernatural powers and must be given special care. When a twin dies at infancy, the Ere Ibeji is carved to represent the dead twin. 

Unknown Artist Ere Ibeji Wood and metal armlets 26.5 cm $ 200.00

The Ere Ibeji is said to be the focus for the spiritual energy of the dead twin residing in the spirit realm and cared for by a spirit mother, according to Yoruba culture. The carved figure is then given to be cared for by the family. The figure is bathed, fed, clothed, and carried just like a baby. Occasionally, some rituals are performed as the Ere Ibeji is being cared for. These five pieces of Ere Ibeji are carved out of wood, and are of male and female genders. The carving style shows figures, though meant to represent infants, neither look like infants nor adults; they have features that according to Yoruba culture are just right for an ideal person. These Ere Ibeji figures are carved to have the combined look of a baby and a full grown person, with rounded facial features, elaborate hairstyles, and heavy adornment with jewellery.