The place Tiv people call Ugbe is said to be a mytical area for seekers of spiritual powers of darkness.

Reports indicate that people go to Ugbe to get spiritual powers of darkness for various reasons.

It happens that the name Ugbe also refers to a Tiv clan close to the area known for spiritual affairs of the night.

The Ugbe that is a clan is located in Moon council ward of Kwande LGA. It has an international border with Cameroon.

The Ugbe widely known for spiritual powers of darkness is also called Ulanga plateau or hill.①

Ulanga hill is where Tiv refer to as Ugbe – a place in Tiv mythology, very steep in supernatural powers.

The Ulanga hill is beside Utanga community.

Utanga, a Tiv community that has a holiday resort friendly atmosphere with a calm weather, beautiful vegetation and landscape is located  close to Obudu Mountain Resort in  Obanliku local government area is in Cross River state.

Obanliku has both an inter-state and international boundary. It is bounded in the north by Kwande Local Government of Benue State, in the east by the Republic of Cameroon, the west by Obudu Local Government Area, and in the south by Boki Local Government Area.

Both Utanga and Obudu Mountaain Resort are similar in weather and other natural endowments.