Enugu tourism events, places

Enugu State is enormously endowed with tourist resources, facilities and potentials. These abound in natural features likes, caves, waterfalls, springs and hills as well as man-made features like hotels telecommunications and transportation outfits, galleries, and monumental or archeological collections. The State s cultural performances and recent technological developments/ innovations also hold attractions for tourists.

Existing Tourist Events

These include:

Manwu Festival

Masquerade (manwu) festivals are exhibited mostly in the form of Odo and Omaba festivals throughout the state. Masquerades represent a ceremonial reincarnation of the dead ancestors of the people. Each community observes either of these and in accordance with native calendars. The ceremonies present colourful array of panoplied masquerades, which entertain through dances and exhibition of extra-human feats.

The State Government organises an annual masquerade festival in November, which involves masquerade groups from the various Local Government Areas of the State (and sometimes from Sister State). The festival usually attracts tourists and vacationers in large numbers to Enugu.

The Iri Ji (New Yam) Festival

This is another festival with high social significance, which is carried out by various communities. It is organised to mark the beginning of the Harvest season in each farming year. The festival usually takes place between August and November depending on the local calendars of the various communities.

Like the Manwu festival, the Iri Ji festival is sometimes organised at the State level at the instance of the State Government. The festival is usually marked with colourful display of cultural dances amidst “ritualistic” rites including roasting and eating of new yams. This ceremony also attracts various dignitaries and tourists from within and outside the State.

Chieftancy Coronation Ceremonies

These involve a stipulated period of initiation, culminating in the installation rite carried out by titled men, the elders and initiates on behalf of the community.

The Ozo Title taking Ceremonies These also involve “ritualistic” initiation rite. The ceremony lifts the initiates to a greater position of social significance within the socio-political structure of a community.
The Traditional Marriage Ceremonies
During these ceremonies, the bride is betrothed to the groom in a befitting and colourful traditional ceremony amidst witnesses.

Funeral Ceremonies

During which relations and friends of the deceased pay their last respect to the dead and commiserate with the bereaved in very colourful ceremonies marked with the singing of dirges and traditional dances.

Cultural Troupes

These are esteemed traditional dances such as the Ikorodo Dancing troupe, the Atilogwu Dancers and the State s Cultural Troupe to mention but a few. They are graceful cultural performance groups to behold.

These social events attract tourists to the State.

Potential Tourist Events

These are activities and life patterns of the people of Enugu State that have tourist potentials, but which apparently are not yet developed as tourist events. Some of these are traditional religious and cultural practices such as story telling (folklore) and moonlight plays. Bizarre and awe-inspiring tales of the powers of the various gods and goddesses in the State, which are experienced at various traditional ceremonies and rites are explorable for tourist purposes. For instance, the Ugwuezema Owa Shrine at Ezeagu Local Government Area is credited with powers of avenging ill treatment against its subjects and punishing dishonesty. The Amalla Egazi in Udenu Local Government Area is also said to be a ghost sanctuary where one could, through incantations and timing, meet with his dead relatives and in fact discuss with them. A waterfall said to have forceful explosion has been discovered at Aninri Local Government Area.

Existing Tourist Places (Developed)

These include:

The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Sculptural Garden and Art Gallery in Enugu
The Nike Lake Resort Hotel, Enugu
The Polo Amusement Park, Enugu
Coal Mines (Onyeama & Okpara) in Enugu
The New Science Equipment Manufacturing Centre at Akwuke
Historical Monuments such as the Eastern Region Parliamentary building and the old Governor s Lodge all in Enugu
The University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Onuiyi Haven, which was the usual dwelling place of the late Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the 1st President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Potential Tourist Places (undeveloped)

These are the various tourism resources yearning for development. They include:

The Ezeagu Tourist Complex

This comprises lakes, caves, waterfalls, warm and cool springs, and panoramic landscapes.

The Opi Lake Complex

This consists of eight (8) lakes within a district.

Amagunze Akpawfu Lake Complex

The complex consists of nine (9) formidable lakes within the same district.

Awhum Waterfall

This is more than 30 meters high. The fall is closely located to a monastery. The water is said to be curative and capable of dispelling evil or satanic forces if and wherever sprinkled.

The Ngwo Waterfall

The waterfall is several meters high, throwing down very good drinking water.

Millken Hill

Named after one of the earliest colonial administrators in Enugu, the first road into Enugu City winds through the foot of the hill, bounded by a deep gully.

Ngene-Ani Lake, Amigbo Ozalla
This lake is inhabited by crocodiles which are responsible to human voice.