The recent emphasis placed by the Federal Government of Nigeria on tourism is predicated on the realization that tourism as an industry is a great earner of foreign exchange.  

Furthermore, the fact that leisure is increasingly gaining some prominence even in developing Nations means that more people are saving money to travel just for recreation.  

The development of scenic views, hotels, cultural displays and the exploitation of the existing tourist attractions appear to be an obvious mandate. 


Benue State possesses a rich and diverse cultural heritage which finds expression in colourful cloths, exotic masquerades, supplicated music and dances.  Traditional dances from Benue State have won acclaim at national and international cultural festivals. 

These dances include Ingyough, Ange, Anchanakupa and Swange among the Tiv, and Anuwowowo and Odabaru among the Idoma.  The Tiv kwagh-hir theatre provides memorable entertainment in its dramatization of Tiv folklore and social commentary.

Among the Tiv speaking people of Benue State of Nigeria the word “kwagh-hir” literally means the folktale or simply something magical.  It is a unique form of theatre in the generic concept of folktales told in traditional societies all over the world.  Folktales are told in virtually all societies all over the world with trickster characters like the rabbit, or the tortoise or the cat dominating their plots and playing unassailable roles.