Ibibio, Efik names and meanings

List of over 140  Ibibio, Efik names and meanings

1. Abasiakamauwemowo Means My Life Is In God’s Guard
2. Abasiama Means God Love
3. Abasi Means Ifreke Means God Never Forget
4. Abasiodiong Means Godbless
5. Adiaba Means First Female Child
6. Adiaha Means First Daughter
7. Affiong Means Moon
8. Afiah Means Fourth Born Son
9. Akakaneno Means The Ultimate Gift
10. Akpan Means First Male Son
11. Amaeka Means The Love Of A Mother
12. Andino Means God The Giver.
13. Aniamaowo Means Who Likes You
14. Aniebietabasi Means Who Resemble God?
15. Aniekanabasi Means Who Is Greater Than God
16. Anietie Means Who Could You Compare (To God)?
17. Anwangabasi Means God Understand Best
18. Anwa-nwa Means Third Daughter
19. Aquabasi Means Great God
20. Asian-abasi
21. Asun Means Fourth Daughter
22. Asuquo
23. Ayamma Means Will You Love Me?
24. Ayanti Means Will You Remember Me?
25. Barasuene Means Abundance
26. Daraima Means Celebrate Love
27. Dattoyobong Means Use It To Remember God
28. Edem Means Back
29. Edemanwan Means A Family Daughter
30. Edetobo Means Market Day
31. Edidem Means Chief
32. Edidiong Means Blessing
33. Edikan Means Victory
34. Edimek Means Chosen
35. Edinen Means Upright
36. Efem Means Troubled
37. Ekaete Means Father’s Mom
38. Ekemini Means The Appointed Time
39. Ekong Means War
40. Emaedo Means A Female Child Who Has A Good Character(Loving Character)
41. Emaobong Means Love Of God
42. Emekan Means Endurance Supercedes Everything
45. Ememabasi Means Peace Of The Lord
46. Ememobong Means Peace Of The Lord
47. Eme-obong Means Precious One Of God
48. Emeti Means This Name Actually A Question. Do You Remember What God Has Done For You?
49. Emeti-abasi Means Do You Remember What God Has Done For You
50. Emineimo Means The Beginning Of Greatness/wealth
51. Eno Means Gift
52. Eno-obong Means Gift From God
53. Esse-abasi Means Gospel, Goodnews
54. Essien Means Outside
55. Etido Means Good Character
56. Etiesse Means Goodnews
57. Etim Means Market Day
58. Etima Means Goodlove
59. Etinamabasiyakka Means When My Enemies Plans Against Me, God Never Allow
60. Etok Means Small
61. Etoro Means Praise
62. Iberedemobong Means God’s Support Or Strenght.
63. Idara Means Joy
64. Idaramfon Means Happiness Is Free
65. Idongesit Means Comfort
66. Idorenyin Means Hope
71. Imauwemi Means Love Of My Life
72. Imeh/idobe Means Endurance
73. Imoh Means Meaning Wealth
74. Inemesit Means Joy From The Heart
75. Inemesit Means Happiness
76. Iniabasi Means God’s Time
77. Inyene Means Riches
78. Itoro Means Glory
79. Kentoroabasi Means I Am Glorifying God Or I Am Praising God
80. Kufre Means Don’t Forget
81. Kufreabasi Means Do Not Forget God
82. Kukere Means Don’t Think Or Don’t Worry Yourself
83. Kuma Means Am Still In Love With You
84. Kunsua Means Don’t Hate Me
85. Kuyik-abasi Means Faith In God
86. Mbotidem
87. Mfonabasi Means God’s Favor
88. Mfoniso Means Goodluck
89. Mfoniso Means Goodluck Or Lucky
90. Mmekomabasi Means I Thank God
91. Ndifreke Means I Would Never Forget
92. Ndifreke Means It Means I Would Not Forget My God
93. Ndinamsomfon Means What Shall I Do To Be Good
94. Nduesoh Means What Have I Done Wrong
95. Nkanta Means You Conquer And Eat
96. Nkenimabasi Means I Trusted In God.
97. Nmosohwo Means What Have I Done To You People
98. Nne-ekami Means My Old Grandmother’s Grandmother
99. Nnwa Means Second Daughter
100. Nse Means I Am Looking
101. Nsedu Means I Am Looking At You Character
102. Nsemo Means Looking At Them
103. Nsikak Means Ask A Efik/ibibio Man There For The Meaning
104. Nsikak-abasi Means Nothing Is Too Heavy For God
105. Nsikan Means Ask That Efik/ibibio Man There For The Meaning
106. Nsikan-obong Means Nothing Is More Than God
107. Nwaha Means Second Female Child
108. Nwah-nwah Means Third Female Child
109. Obongama Means God’s Love
110. Obongama Means God’s Love
111. Ofonime Means It Is Good To Be Patience
112. Okon Means Night
113. Oto-obong Means From God
114. Otu Means Chief/king
115. Otuekongabasi Means Warrior Or War Bearer
116. Owoidohoukem Means Everybody Are Not Equal
117. Andiyene Ama Means The Owners Love
118. Uduak Abasi Means Gods Will
119. Ete Obong Means The Kings Father
120. Tima Means Remember Love
121. Udemeobong Means My Share From God
122. Udo Means Second Son Of The Family
123. Udofia Means Fourth Born Son
124. Udofot Means Fourth Born Son
125. Udoh Means Second Male Son
126. Udoh-udoh Means Third Born Son
127. Udom Means Right
128. Udo-udo Means Third Son
129. Uduakabasi Means Will Of God
130. Ufia Means Fourth Son
131. Ufia-ufia Means Fifth Son
132. Ufot Means Third Born Son
133. Ukeme Means Ability
134. Uko Means Courage; Bravery
135. Unwanaabasi Means God’s Light
136. Usen Means The Day
137. Usoro Means Festial Period
138. Utibe Means Marvelous/ Wonderful
139. Uwakmfon Means Abundant Blessing
140. Uwem Means Life Is Enjoyment
141. Uwemediemoh Means Health Is Wealth
142. Uyai Means Beauty