Tera people. Nyimalti, Deba

Nyimatli/Tera people are from the North Eastern part of Nigeria, they are located in Yamaltu/deba local government, Gombe State and Biu local government, Borno State.

Nyimalti tribe is rich with historical background and beautiful culture. The aim of this write up is to make a foundation for those Nyimatlis out there willing to learn and know about their tribe.

Njeba means ‘here now’, it originated as a result of a statement made by one of the migrants from Bima Hill ‘Khami gha njeba!’ (Let’s stay here now!). 
Deba was divided into the upper region clan and the second group of migrants from ‘Gewuidyi’ prior to 1368 when Kuji Pilbanmu, amalgamated them into a town. District officer H.P Murray merged the other Nyimatli towns together with Deba town as the district headquarters. Kuji Manu Buba was made the first district head in 1977. 

Yamaltu/deba local government Area council was created on 1st October, 1989. Having its headquarters in Deba. It has a population of 255,248 based on the 2006 census.

The Nyimatlis engage in farming, poultry, weaving, trading, fishing, blacksmithing, and hunting. ‘Tundi marge’ (pap) and ‘Gin Shuba’ (Soup made with ash water instead of salt and garden egg) are their favorite food. Ngwarda dance is full of elegance and prestige. HRH. QS KUJI Ahmad Usman Buba is the current emir of Deba.

The names commonly used by the Nyimatlis are; Atuman, Ndola, Kuna, Mele, Kaku, Mungar, Kasha, Gawu, Etc. 

Ngwarda is a famous folk dance performed by Tera/Nymalti tribe.