Ondo State map showing Local Government Areas

Official NameOndo State of Nigeria
AppellationSunshine State
State CapitalAkure
Date of CreationFebruary, 1976
LocationOndo State, made up of 18 Local Government Areas is located in the South Western Zone of Nigeria. The state lies between longitudes 4″30″ and 6″ East of the Greenwich Meridian, 5″45″ and 8″ 15″ North of the Equator. This means that the state lies entirely in the tropics. It is bounded in the North by Ekiti/Kogi State; in the East by Edo State; in the West by Oyo and Ogun States and in the South by the Atlantic Ocean.
Land Area14,788.723 square kilometers.
Population3,460,877 comprising 1,745.057 Male and 1,715,820 female(as at 2006) and projected population of 4,883,792 comprising 2,462,525 male, 2,421,267 female (by the State Bureau of Statistics)