Being in Lagos has a whole lot of perks attached to it especially as a tourist.

The idea of moving around the Centre of Excellence can be quite scary due to its size but trust Lagos State, we got you covered.

The options of transportation in Lagos are unlimited depending on your preference. In addition, the emerging Bus Transformation Initiative is expected to bring forth 5,000 high and low capacity buses to replace the old yellow buses with the construction of Bus Terminals and Stations all over the State

So you can explore the ocean economy of the State, there are various ranges of ferries to pick from to enjoy the beauty of Lagos taking into consideration the beauty of the sea.

Lagos has several Ferry Terminals run by the Lagos State Government and private boat operators to help beat traffic and make every experience in Lagos count. Water Taxis have been introduced as part of an integrated system to unclog the city’s roads

The Lagos ferry services has an array of executive boats depending on your budget

BRT Buses

The Lagos Bus Rapid System is regulated by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority ( LAMATA) and currently operated by Primero Transport Services Limited.

At the moment, the Lagos BRT Corridor has been extended from Mile 12 to Ikorodu, 26 bus shelters are offered along the Mile 12-CMS road; three bus terminals are also placed along the corridor (at Mile 12, Moshalashi and CMS), with the bus terminal at CMS designed to integrate with transport modes of rail and ferry that are already underway.

This mode of transportation gives you the extra comfort as tourists are exempted from the regular traffic buzz in the Mega city.

For best services, go to or visit LAMATA PLACE, KM 15 Ikorodu Road, Ketu-Ojota Cloverleaf Interchange, Ketu, Lagos State.


There are various means of transportation in Lagos and the most common are Taxis’.

No matter your destination, you have a choice to explore your options with the various Taxi services in Lagos and their various plans.

For your preferred service, you can log onto any of the following website to register and book your ride and have an awesome tour and feel of Lagos



Smart Cab: Website:

Address – 91 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja

Telephone- 0817 053 3697

Oga Taxi: Website-

Address- 24A Sikiru Alade Oloko Cres, Lekki Phase I 105102, Lagos

Telephone- 0815 698 3029

Metro Taxi: Website:

  Address- 89 Opebi Rd, Opebi, Ikeja Telephone- 01-7009000


Tri Cycle better known as Marwa or Keke Napep is another means of transport in some areas of Lagos. Due to their size, they have easier access to narrow roads in the state and could be seen as a means for tourists to move around the State.

There is no need for a website page or phone number, they are so easy conspicuous and easy to find around their designated areas in the state… Make sure to enjoy your “Marwa” ride

Helicopter Services

Lagos provides over 6 air charter and rental services for the comfortable movement of passengers and tourists alike

You want an awesome aerial view of Lagos? Experience the view from above.

Listed below are the Helicopter services with awesome services to give you an awesome treat

Address- 1 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland 23401, Lagos

Telephone- 01 496 3432

Address- Concord Road, Ikeja, Lagos

  • Caverton Helicopters: Website-

Address-2, Prince Kayode Akingbade Close, Off Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos

Telephone- +2341 270 5858

+234 1 270 5656

+234 1 270 5757