Ethiopia Ministers

Council of Ministers, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, as of 2023

H.E. Demeke Mekonnen

Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs

H.E Binalf Andualem

Minister of Peace

H.E. Abraham Belay (PhD)

Minister of Defense

H.E Gebremeskel Chala

Minister of Trade and Regional Integration

H.E. Ahmed Shide

Minister of Finance

H.E. Gedion Timotheos (PhD)

Minister of Justice

H.E. Melaku Alebel

Minister of Industry

H.E Bellete Molla (PhD)

Minister of Innovation and Technology

H.E Chaltu Sani

Minister of Urban and Infrastructure Development

H.E Habtamu Itefa (Eng.)

Minister of Water and Energy

H.E Ambassador Nassise Cahli

Minister of Tourism

H.E Birhanu Nega (PhD)

Minister of Education

H.E. Dr. Liya Tadesse

Minister of Health

H.E Ergogie Tesfaye (PhD.)

Minister of Women and Social Affairs

H.E Muferiat Kamil

Minister of Works and Skills

H.E Kejela Merdasa

Minister of Culture and Sport

H.E. Aynalem Negussie

Minister of Revenues

H.E. Alemu Sime (PhD)

Minister of Transport and Logistics

Engineer Habtamu Tegegn

Minister of Mines

Girma Amente (PhD)

Minister of Agriculture

H.E. Fitsum Assefa (PhD)

Minister of Plan and Development

H.E. Aisha Mohammed (Eng.)

Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands

The Council of Ministers

The team of ministers also known as Council of Ministers a high level government body.

In all its decisions, the Council of Ministers which comprises the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and other members as may be determined by law, is responsible to the House of People’s Representatives and accountable to the Prime Minister.

The power and functions of the Council of Ministers is stipulated in Article 77 of the Constitution of Ethiopia.

Reference: Council | FDRE Office of the Prime Ministers (