1. Rt. Hon. Barr. Eugene Odo. Igboetiti West. Hon. Speaker

2. Hon. Dennis Agbo. Enugu East. Deputy Speaker

3. Hon. Jonny Obidinma. Oji River. Leader of the House/ Chairman, House Committee on Rules and Business

4. Hon. Nze Michael Onyeze. Igboeze North I. Deputy Leader/Chairman, House Committee on Education

5. Hon. Mrs. Theresa Egbo. Enugu South Rural. Chief Whip/Chairman, House Committee on Special Duties

6. Hon. Chief Paul Anikwe. Ezeagu. Deputy Chief Whip / Chairman, House Committee on Judiciary and Public Petitions

7. Rt. Hon. Abel Chukwu. Aninri. Chairman, House Committee on Lands, Housing, Works and Transport

8. Rt. Hon. Cletus Enebe. Awgu North. Chairman, House Committee on Local Government, Inter -Parliamentary and ENSIEC Matters

9. Hon. Emma Maduabu. Awgu South. Chairman, House Committee on House Services

10. Hon. Okechukwu Nwoke. Igboetiti East. Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources

11. Hon. Anichukwu John Nwankwo. Nkanu East. Chairman, House Committee on Finance and Appropriation

12. Hon. David Atigwe. Igboeze. North II. Chairman, House on Committee on Health

13. Hon. Chief (Mrs.) Edith Ify Nnamani. Isi-Uzo. Chairman, House Committee on Commerce and Industry

14. Hon. Chief Anthony Chigbo. Uzo-Uwani. Chairman, House Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-corruption

15. Hon. Chief Felix Amu. Nsukka East. Chairman, House Committee on Chieftaincy, Tourism, Rural Development and LEEMP Affairs.

16. Hon. Christopher Ugwu. Enugu East Rural. Chairman, House Committee on Petroleum Resources and Environmental Management

17. Hon. Chukwuma Nnamani. Nkanu West. Chairman, House Committee on Public Utilities

18. Hon. Mrs. Chika Ene. Udi South. Chairman, House Committee on Women Affairs

19. Hon. Princess Eugenia Ogbu. Udenu. Chairman, House Committee on Civil Service and Labour Matters

20. Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Ezugwu. Igboeze. South Chairman, House Committee on Economic Development and Poverty Reduction

21 Hon. Barr. Emeka Nnamani. Enugu North. Chairman, House Committee on Millennium Development Goals, Urban Renewal and NGOs

22. Hon. Fabian Onah. Nsukka West. Chairman, House Committee on Water Resources

23. Hon. Paul Ogbe. Enugu South Urban. Chairman, House Committee on Youths and Sports

Enugu is a state in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. The capital city of the state also has the same name: Enugu.

The state shares borders with Abia State to the South, Ebonyi State to the East, Benue State to the Northeast, Kogi State to the northwest and Anambra State to the West.

Though a land-locked State, Enugu, the capital city, is located approximately 2 1/2 driving hours away from Port Harcourt, Calabar and warri, all coastal cities with major shipping ports. Enugu is also located within an hour s drive from Onitsha and 2 hours drive from Aba, both of which are trading centres in Nigeria. The city is also located within 5 driving hours from Abuja and 7 driving hours from lagos, the administrative and commercial headquarters of Nigeria respectively.

Lying partly within the semi-tropical rain forest belt of the south, the State spreads (through a land area of approximately 8727.1km2 ) towards the north with its physical features changing gradually from tropical rain forest to open wood-land and then to the Savannah. Apart from a chain of low hills, running through Abakaliki (Ebonyi state) in the east to Nsukka in the north-west, and then southwards through Enugu and Agwu, the rest of the state is made up of low land separated by numerous streams and rivulets the major ones of which are the Adada River and the Oji River.

The mean temperature in Enugu State in the hottest month of February is about 36.20C (97.160F), while the minimum temperature of about 20.30C (68.540F) is recorded in November. The lowest rainfall of about 0.16cm3 is normal in February, while the highest is about 35.7cm3 in July. Enugu has a good soil and climate, sitting at about 223 meters above sea level, and the soil is well drained.

LGAs in Enugu State

The LGAs (Local Government Areas) in Enugu State, Nigeria are:

  1. Aninri
  2. Awgu
  3. Enugu East
  4. Enugu North
  5. Enugu South
  6. Ezeagu
  7. Igbo-Etiti
  8. Igbo-Eze North
  9. Igbo-Eze South
  10. Isi-Uzo
  11. Nkanu East
  12. Nkanu West
  13. Nsukka
  14. Oji-River
  15. Udenu
  16. Udi
  17. Uzo-Uwani

24. Hon. Marcel Njeze Udi North Chairman, House Committee on Information