Mombasa Telecommunications 

Mombasa county has a large scale telecommunication Infrastructure development capable of delivering efficient and affordable info- communication services with 100% mobile coverage, several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), cyber cafes thus recognized as a critical pre-requisite for the country’s economic growth.

Mombasa has become a landing port for all undersea cables for other landlocked countries in East Africa. Through the construction of the optic submarine fibre cable which started on April 2009 and was fully operational in September 2009 linked Mombasa to the world via Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. This factor made the County an attractive location for international carries to inter-connect with the region.

In these recent years Telecommunication sector has undergone rapid dynamism to the extent that its performance has a direct correlation with various other sectors such as banking and transport thus becoming a fundamental driver of the County’s economy.