Mombasa a Commercial Center

Mombasa has long been the regional hub for industries such as milling and metal works, which has created a sophisticated infrastructure of financial, legal and other commercial services.

The County Government has demonstrated its commitment to a transparent and effective business environment, leading other counties in taking the Single Business Permit and Construction Permit processes online.

Business Friendly Government

Mombasa has established Mombasa Invest, which is designed to support new and existing investors in the county. Additionally, Mombasa County was the first to launch an e-Business Permit system. The entire application and renewal process for the Single Business Permit is now available online with real-time tracking and remote payment options. This process was created to compliment the already operational e-Construction Permit system.

Financial Institutions

Branches of all major banks are located in Mombasa County. This includes the Central Bank of Kenya, which provides financial services to other commercial banks. Global financial services firms such as Deloitte and PKF also have offices in Mombasa, as do corporate legal firms such as African Legal Network.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Mombasa’s Kongowea Market, which is one of the largest wholesale and retail markets of fresh produce, attracts traders from across East Africa throughout the year. Other smaller markets include Mwembe Tayari fresh produce market, Marikiti retail market, Majengo and Old Town fish markets.

Business Membership Organisations

Offices for the coastal branches of business membership organisations are located in Mombasa, including the Federation of Kenyan Employers, the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance and the Export Promotion Council as well as many sector specific bodies. The main offices for organisations such as Kenya International Freight and Warehouse Association are also located in Mombasa. The British Chamber of Commerce opens its Mombasa branch in 2016.

Department of Immigration

For ease of facilitation, Mombasa has its own Department of Immigration where one can obtain visa extensions and alien cards. Additionally, there are multiple honorary consulates for various countries, along with the official Consulate of India.


Mombasa offers breathtaking housing options, and world class schooling and healthcare facilities. Mombasa has developed a wealth of recreational activities. There are several high-end shopping malls, a vast variety of restaurants and cafés, a 3D cinema, exciting sporting opportunities, nature parks, several marinas, arts and culture centres, and of-course world class sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean. Mombasa’s rich cultural heritage is visible in its architecture, food and people. Mombasa truly is an exotic and welcoming destination.